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Local Music Showcase
American Princes, The Good Fear, Blood Eagles, and Pleasure Seeking Animals

February 24th, 2006
American Princes: Myspace
The Good Fear: Myspace
Blood Eagles: (Members of Kings of New England)
Pleasure Seeking Animals: Myspace
American Princes - Stolen Blues [mp3]
Pleasure Seeking Animals - Gimmie Your Love [mp3]
The Good Fear - Keep In Touch [listen on myspace]Rec'd
The Good Fear - Outsiders [mp3]
Kings Of New England - Woodson Lateral [mp3]


Maritime will be releasing their second album, We, the Vehicles, on April 4th. You can get this on a limited print on blue vinyl directly from the band if you paypal them a measly $12 on March 7th or through Flameshovel. More details on their website in the store and news section.

See Maritime with Aloha 3.19.06 at Vino's in Little Rock, Ar.
Maritime - Calm [mp3]
Maritime - Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts [mp3]
Stream more songs on their site.

Pitchfork: Maritime Ready Second LP, Lose Bassist

Bonus: Aloha - Your Eyes [mp3]

Ambulance Lt Free

I've mentioned Ambulance Ltd's new EP New English before, but if you hurry the first 50 to order get a free autographed poster. Hurry up and get yours now. This EP collects songs that are rare, unreleased, or LP demos.
Ambulance LTD - New English [mp3]


As Far As I Can See...

I just received my advanced copy of People In Planes' Album, As Far As The Eye Can See..., in my mailbox today. I actually like it a lot more than I originally thought I would. I'm sure by now you've heard of these guys on every blog around, but here are my favorite four songs off the album, even though you can stream them on the official site I'll put them up for convenience. Make sure to check these guys out on tour. I saw them back in September and plan on trying to make it to another show at Juanita's in Little Rock, Arkansas Wed. 3-22-06.
People In Planes - If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode) [mp3]
People In Planes - Falling By The Wayside [mp3]
People In Planes - For Miles Around [mp3]
People In Planes - Moth [mp3]
Bonus: People In Planes - Moth(Acoustic) [mp3]

R.I.P Test Icicles, and I was just starting to like their album.
Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle [mp3]
Check them out at Whitewater Tavern in Little Rock on 3-14-06 with A-fir-Ju Well at the SXSW showcase.
Seth Meyers (of SNL) Union Ballroom Uof A 8:00

Field Music

Pitchfork released news today about the UK band Field Music. First things first, their self titled album will be issued here in the US April 4 with a bonus track, "You're Not Supposed To". Mark that and the new list of US dates including Chicago, SXSW, and California. Make sure and check these guys out if you have the chance, and pick up the album when it is released. You might know these guys from their contacts and work with Maximo Park.
Maximo Park - Stay (Field Music Remix) [mp3]
Field Music - Shorter Shorter
Field Music - You Can Decide [mp3]
More on the official site.

Bloody Walls

So it snowed like crazy here this weekend and I was not able to make it to any concerts. Thank God I didn't leave. I would have been stuck in the middle of nowhere. It really made me angry that I had to miss Eagle*Seagull.

Man Man and Destroyer albums come out tommorow. Pitchfork reviews both.

SXSW has mp3s for all of their artists. I'm sure you've seen everyone recommend their favorites.

Make sure to pick up a copy of The Weatherman on DVD.
Domino is released tommorow also. I heard it was bad, but I'll probably watch it anyways.

Jens Lenkman Tour Eps.

This Weekend

Feb. 17th Death Ray Davies, Eagle*Seagull, Grand Serenade - Hendrix College Conway, Ar

Feb. 18th Voxtrot w/ The Evangelicals - Opolis Norman, Ok

New Pink Mountaintops | Parts & Labor

JAGJAGUWAR has released some mp3s of releases coming in the near future to their label. Those included Pink Mountaintops, Parts & Labor, and Wilderness, whose track I'm sure you've heard by now. Pink Mountaintops, if you didn't know, features Stephen McBean from Black Mountains. More information including tracklists, mp3s, and history available on the Jagjaguwar site. P&L have two Arkansas dates coming up and one is with Wilderness. I'm so excited. Pink Mountaintops also have a show in Oklahoma that I might make.

Pink Mountaintops' Axis of Evol will be released on 3/07/06.

Pink Mountaintops - New Drug Queens [mp3]

Parts & Labor's Stay Afraid will be released on 4/11/06.

Parts & Labor - A Great Divide [mp3]

Wilderness - Emergency [mp3]


I'm sure you've heard of Centro-matic, as they recently stormed the blogs.[1,2,3] These are some tracks off of the Triggers and Trash Heaps single that you may not have heard yet. So check them out and make sure to go get the new album, Fort Recovery, from Misra Records.[buy]
Centro-matic - Take a Rake (4-Track Demo) [mp3]
And in case you've been in the dark...
Centro-matic - Calling Thermatico [mp3]
Centro-matic - Triggers and Trash Heaps [mp3]

The Streets | Gold Streets

The Streets new album was announced along with the first single, "When You Wasn't Famous". I'm not very fond of the song, but maybe the rest of the album will be better. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan, but do enjoy some of The Streets' work.
The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous (Radio Edit) [mp3]

Now for another Streets, Gold Streets. This band is in an entirely different genre, but I am enjoying what I am hearing. They are a Rock/Indie/Psychedelic band , but not as much as you could expect. They are much more mellow playing smooth moody songs, yet still entertaining.

Hailing from New York,
Gold Streets have recently self released their first Ep and is available directly from the band. Not much else is told about Gold Streets, but you can also stream another song and learn some more on their Myspace. This excerpt about the Ep is much more profound than anything I could ever say.

Sonically rich with throbbing basslines and pulsing waves of guitar, Gold Streets' new EP, "Red," also evokes fellow New York bands such as Straylight Run and stellastarr*. Opening track "Red" draws the listener in with soaring guitar howls and drums that crash overhead. The album’s centerpiece, "Opposition," begins with a slow confession and builds to a soaring, multi-layered climax. "Right Now" opens with a stoic bassline, adding elements and effects one by one, like a jigsaw puzzle taking shape, only to disassemble itself at the end. A mere five songs is too short to fully experience all that Gold Streets has to offer, but with any luck, a full length follow up isn't too far behind.

Gold Streets - Right Now [mp3]

Gold Streets - Red [mp3]

Gold Streets - Hotel Pool [mp3]

Arkansas Artists Volume Two: Grand Serenade

Grand Serenade are one great indie/pop band from Little Rock, Ar. They seem kind of mysterious on first inspection as there is not much to be found about them online. One might even think that they do not exist anymore as the last release I've seen was in 2004, but these guys are still around, touring, and opening shows for really great bands including Of Montreal, Eagle*Seagull this Friday, and others.

..."If their live show is anywhere near as good as their CD (which I can't stop spinning), Grand Serenade might just steal the show. Heck, they might just steal your date. This aptly named group cleaves to the melodic and romantic end of the garage-rock spectrum. Giant, crashing chords and big beats give way to tight Kinks-style pop and epic Smiths-inspired ballads about aching teen-age love. Catch this band!"...Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer 2.27.04

I'd love to say more about this band, but with such limited information there is not much to say. You can hit them up on myspace or do your best to find more information. The Ep is not available anywhere that I know except local record stores, like Anthro-Pop, who would probably mail one to you. The band might be able to help you too. You can also see them play this Friday at Hendrix College in Conway, Ar at 9:00. They are opening for Eagle*Seagull and The Deathray Davies. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Grand Serenade - Crashing Cars [mp3]

Grand Serenade - Telescopes [mp3]

Grand Serenade - Bend Affection [mp3]

Grand Serenade - Color My World [mp3]

Latest Brains

I've renamed my mix posts from In Ipod to Latest Brains. I think it fits the site better and is just over all much more hip. I also today finally figured out how to host music on my school account so enjoy the non savefile links from now on, but they may be uploaded for shorter periods of time so act quick.

First is the b-side to gold lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, followed by a remix of Maximo Park's Stay by fellow friends Field Music. Wilderness has a new song on the blogs and it is titles Emergency. Ambulance Ltd has an Ep coming soon titled New English and Voxtrot has a new EP as well titled Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives. Babyshambles release their newest in the states on lovely valentines day. The mix is ended with a few favorites including They Shoot Horses, Film School, and the largely popular Knife.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Let Me Know [mp3]
Maximo Park -
Stay (Field Music Remix) [mp3]
Wilderness -
Emergency [mp3]
Ambulance Ltd - New English [mp3]
Voxtrot -
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives [mp3]
Babyshambles -
Fuck Forever [mp3]
They Shoot Horses Don't They -
Hiccup [mp3]
They Shoot Horses Don't They -
Lowlife [mp3]
Film School -
On and On [mp3]
The Knife -
Heartbeats OneMusic Session [mp3]

DJBC has a new Beastles Album up, but I believe his popularity has caused the site to go down. Luckily Boing Boing I s also hosting the tracks. [Link] Edit: Bad?Let me know if you find it elsewhere or wait till the sites are back up.

Moroccan Role has a lot of Knife tracks! [Link]


So I have like sort of a crush on Goldfrapp. I can't get enough of their music. The newest album, Supernature, is not released here in the states, but you can pick up an EP called Number One which features songs like Number One, Beautiful, All Night Operrator (Part 1), and some remixes. Luckily I found this Phones remix of Ooh La La as well as the DFA remix of Slide In. Enjoy them and cherish them.
Buy Supernature[Import] here.
Buy No. 1 EP here.
Buy a double cd of the newest single Ride A White Horse here.(Includes DFA Mix)

Goldfrapp - Number One [mp3]
Goldfrapp - Ooh La La Phones Re-Edit [mp3]
Goldfrapp - Slide In (DFA Mix) [mp3]
Goldfrapp - Number One Mum Remix [mp3]

Pitchfork Reviews Goldfrapp - Slide In (DFA Mix)

"Slide In" the album track kills IMO, all hard cuts and neon synths, proper equipment to bolster A. Goldfrapp's swoon-song. Gritty DFA disco might work too; must be nice for those guys to remix someone who can actually sing for once. No build, DFA bust it all out from the start, disco inferno bassline, tom fills on the sly, a cheeky cowbell "melody" whose staccato pokes fun at the chorus's vox-chasing candy-colored violins. They're clearly excited. After a breakdown they get back on quick, then...a seven-minute instrumental outro, with not nearly enough of a climax to justify itself--a bad look for producers who earned rep on good pacing. It'll work floors fine, but unlike with "Yeah" or "Losing/Beat" or even the "Dare" remix, there's not much to recommend past minute four. [John Supilcki]

Bonus: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Diplo Optimo Remix) [mp3]


Make Sure To Be There!
Son Volt - Jet Pilot [mp3]
Son Volt - Gramophone [mp3]
Son Volt - Live At the 9:30 Club [mp3]Via: NPR

Apollo Sunshine Demos

I found these demo versions of Apollo Sunshine on spinART's site. They are unreleased songs except for You and I which is available on an Ep, The Other Side of the World, on Itunes, but titled "U &I". These are definitely worth a look, especially for Apollo Sunshine fans. If you have not listened to Apollo Sunshine before make sure to do so. The only thing is don't mistake them for a pop band like Ok Go. They may be similar in some ways, but if you take a listen to an album in whole you can see many other influences, many of those being in the excellent guitar work. Check them out live if you have a chance and maybe you can see an R. Kelly cover.

Apollo Sunshine - Strange Things (Demo) [mp3]
Apollo Sunshine - You And I (Demo) [mp3]
Previously: Apollo Sunshine at the Agora [Link]

Margot And The Nuclear So & So's Demos + More

So, I just found these great demos from Margot and the Nuclear So & So's today, and thought they would be an excellent addition to your collection. There is also some great live stuff too, but I'll wait to post those after I sort through them. I think I'm slightly obsessed with these guys.

MNSS - Barfight Revolution, Power Violence (Live) Def. my favorite song
Previously: MNSS show pics [Link]

Week of The Living Dead

Thursday, February 9th - Lucero Conway, Ar
Friday, February 10th - Lucero Batesville, Ar (Limited Availiability)
Son Volt Fayetteville, Ar

Wednesday, February 8 - Beastie Boys on Letterman
The Fray on Leno
Sigur Ros on Conan
Thursday, February 9th - Damian Marley on Jimmy Kimmel
Saturday February llth - Death Cab For Cutie and My Morning Jacket on ACL

Check out Live Plasma a good site to find bands with the best layout I have ever seen. [Link]

Pandora is a similar program that I recomend as well. [Link]

Dell gives up on the Jukebox Mp3 player. [Link]

I just signed up for emusic and I like it, but will probably quit after my 50 songs. [Link]

Vitalic announces new dates. [Link] Vitalic - My Friend Dario [mp3]

Apollo Sunshine 2-3-06

Apollo Sunshine 2-3-06 The Agora Conway, Ar

Apollo Sunshine - Magnolia
Apollo Sunshine - Flip!
Apollo Sunshine blew me away. From the two mp3s above you wouldn't be able to make a fair assesment of the band. They have great guitar work, but with a hint of uter pop joyfulness all wrapped up into one cuddly live package. Playing covers of both R. Kelly and Jimi Hendrix you can get an idea of what these guys are about. One highpoint I must mention was the introduction an dinterlude music, including samples from the disney movie Hercules and various rap artists.
Check them out opening for Wu Tang Clan this week, Wednesday February 8, 2006. [Link]

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's were amazing. I saw them Friday at a new Arkansas venue called the Agora. I am very sad to say they are not doing very well. They have an aproximate capacity of 2,000 and could barely find 30 people to attend an event including Apollo Sunshine, Margot, and a local act Tel Aviv. Hopefully this will change as the promoters find a better way to market in a town of multiple colleges. Maybe I can get some people there from Fayetteville with the posters they gave me.

Unfazed by the lack of attendance MATNS&S's put on one amazing show. Making an 8 piece band fit on a stage is usually a horrible problem, and rightfully so with all the instruments they use, but with a large stage these guys were able to spread out and play with excessive energy and make the show worthwhile. This is one ban dthat does not play around although you may think the recordings sound calm they make their concerts into an exciting ordeal playing each others instruments and banging them on the ground. Do yourself a favor and check them out while they are on tour and pick up their album The Dust of Retreat when it is released 3-28-06.
"Now there's 8 of you ... Any room for more? ... Yeah, no fatties.
MATNS&S's - Vampires in Blue Dresses [mp3] Thanks GVB!
MATNS&S's - Quiet As A Mouse [mp3]
MATNS&S's - Live On WOXY [mp3]
Other tracks and live here. [link] slow!
Listen to some other songs on myspace. [link]
They are playing SXSW so see them there if you go or catch them on their preceding tour. [link]
Culture Bully Reviews the album here. [link]


Instead of doing a full fleged review of the Lucero show I saw on 1-26-06, I have decided on just promoting this band for what it is worth. I didn't take pictures at the show, because I was feeling a little sickly and it would have been a hassle. I kind of regret that now as that was probably one of my favorite concerts. Hopefully I will be able to catch another concert by these guys sometime soon.
Lucero - Watch it burn [mp3]

"Every Year,Thousands of bands cross the country in hopes of making it. Most fail, but a few succeed.
Lucero is one of those bands that has a huge cult following, but is lacking a real hit in a larger crowd. They released last year an album titled Nobody's Darlings. I really love this album. I am of course a southerner and this album is truly a tribute to all that goes on down here. The band has evolved from a country act to a full fleged rock band. I would recommend it for fans of southern rock in general and a specific, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The band is mostly called a Memphis band, but they have their roots in Arkansas. The lead singer, Ben Nichols, even has a tattoo of Arkansas on his right arm. He has also been a part of many Arkansas bands and still tours here with Lucero.
Lucero - Bikeriders [mp3]

"Sixty songs about girls & two about my grandfather.
The show was very crowded because of the large fanbase they have here in Arkansas, and the location with regard to campus. The guys were kind of surprised they had drawn such a huge crowd on a Thursday with another band playing down the street as well. So if you attend a show in local areas make sure to show up enough ahead of time.
Lucero - All The Same To Me [mp3]

"Despite their new record deal, Lucero still tours 200 days a year just to get by.
To finish this up I need to suggest if you have any interest in this band to pick up a copy of Dreaming in America. This is a great DVD chronicles the events leading up to the release of the newest album and the hardships of touring, plus you get a wicked cool live CD as a bonus, but make sure to get the CD+DVD version.[Lucero Merchandise]
Tour dates:
02/09/06 - Conway, AR
02/10/06 - Batesville, AR
02/11/06 - Oxford, MS
03/11/06 - Orlando, FL
03/12/06 - St. Petersburg, FL
03/13/06 - Talahassee, FL
03/14/06 - Baton Rouge, LA
03/30/06 - Knoxville, TN
03/31/06 - Nashville, TN
04/01/06 - Memphis, TN

In The Ipod

This is my time to give to you a collection of songs that I have discovered this past month or that made a hit on the blog scene. First I have an mp3 of the Broken Social Scene performance on Conan. Also a band called the Prix whose mp3s have been scooting along the blogs. Bishop Allen released an EP titled January with Corazon as a track. Finian Mckean made a big hit as he was introduced with his great song Shades Are Drawn. His other avaliable mp3 Blackhole meets the standards of the first creating what makes for a great bit of hype on the blogs. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness have also been heard from lately, along with They Shoot Horses, and a personal favorite The Black Angels.

Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline) on Conan 1-31-06 [mp3]
The Prix - Its All In the Way That You Trip [mp3]
Bishop Allen - Corazon [mp3]
The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes [mp3]
The Raconteurs - Store Bought Bones [mp3]
Finian Mckean - Blackhole [mp3]
Finian Mckean - Shades Are Drawn [mp3]
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - According To Plan [mp3]
They Shoot Horses Don't They - Empty Head [mp3]
The Black Angels - Black Grease [mp3]

Bonus: Jens Lekman - Black Cab, You Are The Light [mp3]

Remix Links Expiring! / Broken Social Scene

So, I did a post on my favorite remixes of 2005 a while ago and now the song son savefile are starting to expire. So this is just a reminder to check those out. Make sure to get them before they are gone. Always though if you miss something let me know and I can probably hook you up. So go ahead over to my remix post and get the songs before they expire.[Link]

Edit: Oh Yeah and I got this in my email today as a subject. Actually it was spam but i check that whe i do do get it.[SHY TO FCUK WITH UR SHORT GUN? L0NGER 3" INSTANTLY friends] It gave me a good laugh.

BSS Conan 1-31-06

Apollo Sunshine

Apollo Sunshine will be playing in Conway, Arkansas this Friday, 2-3-06, at a new venue called The Agora [Link]. They are actually a conference center, but will be holding concerts every friday according to their website. Another interesting band to note is that Eagle*Seagull will also be playing a gig there on the 17th. I will probably post on this later. Apollo Sunshine however are a great band who I am mexcited to see. They had some press on the blogs some time ago when they released their S/T 2005 album. They also have been touring with a much more know band called Ok Go. Sadly my leg of the tour is notm with them, but includes local act Tel Aviv that I posted on less than a week ago here.

Apollo Sunshine - Magnolia
Apollo Sunshine - Today Is The Day
Apollo Sunshine - Eyes
Apollo Sunshine - Flip!
Apollo Sunshine - I Was On the Moon
Apollo Sunshine - Mayday Disorder

2/09 Boston, MA @ The Paradise
2/11 NYC, NY @ Mercury Lounge
2/24 Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse
2/25 Worcester, MA @ Ralph's Diner

The Raconteurs Tracks are still Here.

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