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Tonight | 607 + Under the Ground

Under the Ground featuring: Phate, 607, Dirtbag, 9th Scientist, DJ Sta-Lo, CG6, g-force, Lucio, Carteaire, Osiris the God, open mic & b-boy sessions @ Vino's - Little Rock
Saturday April 29th 8pm All Ages $5
Previous Posts: 607 (with mp3s)

Lucero, tonight at the last show of their current tour, confirmed that during a break a new album would be in the works. Lets all get real excited and hope to hear some new material soon.
Lucero - Sixteen [mp3]

My friend finally got his wish and they played Starlight Diner like Ben promised he would when we talked to him in Joplin. It was well worth the wait. Its been along time since I've been by the Starlight over in N. Little Rock. Make sure to see these guys once in your lifetime, it's quite a memorable experience.
Credit Below: Adam Smith Photography

Pick up the new Attic Tapes re-issue if you can't wait for a new album. It collects the original album and adds 5 bonus tracks to the mix, some rare 7" tracks and others early demos. You can also get it in vinyl for all you format junkies.

Rose Hill Drive Album Date Confirmed

Rose Hill Drive
Rose Hill Drive announced their news that they had signed with Megaforce/SCI Fidelity Records a few months back and now the date for their debut album has been announced. Rose Hill Drive will release their debut Tuesday August 22nd 2006 in the US with later dates following in the UK and Europe.

Rose Hill Drive are a three piece band from Boulder, Colorado. The members consist of Jacob and Daniel Sproul and Nate Barnes. The guy with the hat in the picture is not in the band. They have become immensely popular in their hometown selling out many shows. This is mainly because of their wonderful covers from the most frequent Led Zeppelin to others like Hendrix, Sabbath, and The Guess Who. Their cover of "Shakin All Over" was on the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack. They have also have a successful road career opening and touring with bands like Van Halen, the Black Crowes, and soon the Who. Don't mistake these guys as a cover band. They have original material that is just as good. "Cool Cody"(mp3)

Pick up their live albums from the store, one that includes a performance of Led Zeppelin I in its entirety.

Live Material: Archive.org

"The Guru" (4-8-06)

"Immigrant Song" (4-8-06)

"Manic Depression"

Lady Sovereign Rare Song | New EP

Lady Sovereign released her new EP Blah Blah recently, and is availiable in the UK. Check it out if you can find it anywhere. Buy it from the UK. I found this mp3 browsing for new ones and thought it shoudl be shared. Its an old one called"BoysnGirls". Listen to a clip of "Blah Blah" here. If anybody finds the whole thing let me know.

Lady Sovereign - BoysnGirls [mp3]


New Releases :
The Lovely Feathers - In The Valley [mp3] Hind Hind Legs
The Presets - Are You The One? [mp3] Beams
Drive By Truckers - Blessing & A Curse
Spank Rock - Back Yard Betty [mp3] YoYoYoYoYo

If you like American Princes then check out this great article from Localist Magazine.
American Princes - Stolen Blues [mp3]
I just saw the People In Planes - Acoustic EP(Advance) on a website, but have not listened to it or seen it on any other site, so look for an anouncement or release soon. "Moth"(mp3) and "IYTTM(MHWE)" have been released already; one on the internet and the later as an album exclusive on itunes.
Track Listing:
1. If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)
2. Falling By The Wayside
3. Moth [mp3]
4. For Miles Around (Scratch To Void)

New Release Mixtape

Aloha -Your Eyes [mp3] Some Echoes
Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard(Boys Bad News) [mp3] Death By Sexy
Crystal Skulls - The Cosmic Door [mp3] Outgoing Behavior
Parts & Labor - A Great Divide [mp3] Stay Afraid
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Pyrite Pedestal [mp3] Elan Vital
Imaad Wasif - Out in the Black [mp3] Imaad Wasif
Wilderness - Emergency [mp3] Vessal States
Pick up these albums and others at Insound.

Pitchfork Trashes Naked Babes

Naked Babes newly formed collaboration of ex-Test Icicle Devonte Hynes and Tom Vek played their first gig last week, and according to their myspace practiced 1 and a half times this month. Pitchfork probably feels that this was not enough, as they trashed their track "Fuckin' Dumbbell Party".

"Funny how quickly tongue-in-cheek inverts itself when devoid of cleverness or a hook." "What could've been a cool linkup-- bedroom dance-punk meets synth-streaked terror-punk-- comes off as a whiskey-fueled circle jerk of dudes so overwhelmed by ideas they stopped thinking altogether."

Put this down in your book as a half star track unless you haven't had enough Test-Icicles yet. But in that case you might as well pick up their new 2-disc EP Bring Out Your Dead when it is released later this month. It's cool that these guys got together to play a little. However, there is no magic here, just a little fun. It's not all bad though check these out if you like that kind of thing and get more tracks at their myspace.

Naked Babes - Fuckin' Dumbbell Party [mp3]

Arkansas Artist Shorties: New Grand Serenade Demo

Grand Serenade have released a new demo. It is called "Extra Ordinary", and while it may not be as catchy as some of Grand Serenade's earlier work it is none the less a good song. They will be opening one of the best Arkansas shows this month on Friday. Check them out at: Sticky Fingerz Chicken Shack Friday April 14th - The M's with Grand Serenade + Sugar and The Raw

"It's a steady improvement on what we've come to expect from GS—Kyle Mays' soaring wail, big shimmering chords, and lyrics about love and loss. People've been saying this for a minute, but we'll reiterate, it's only a matter of time before the band blows up. We're counting on an appearance on The OC. - Localist Magazine

Grand Serenade - Extra Ordinary [mp3]

Arkansas Artists Shorties: American Princes

American Princes have been gaining popularity with the release of their new debut album Less and Less. I have actually seen a few blogs talk about this Little Rock band, and was very excited when I did. The first single "Stolen Blues" was very good, but I think that this song will appeal to a larger audience. It is a very beautiful song and deserves one or two listens. This song rivals Stolen Blues with its greatness factor, but in reality sounds like it could be from a different band altogether.

American Princes - Never Grow Old [mp3]

Lucero 4-6-06 @ The Foundry (Joplin, Mo)

So me and a couple of buddies took a road trip up to Joplin, Mo to see local favorites Lucero. They probably played one o f the best concerts I have ever been to in my entire life early this year at Dickson Street Theater in Fayetteville. It was actually the biggest show ever until a show at a University passed it up just a week later. This concert, however, was not of the quality of Lucero in Arkansas. Add together a small crowd and a bad venue and the show is bound to end mediocre.

The problem however was when we got there we found out that it was a Christian owned venue. So that of course meant no alcohol. We actually got in trouble for that out in the parking lot after the show by some guy with a flashlite, but Ben was with us so its not like they are going to mess with the lead singer of the band.

He was real cool about taking requests and then talking to us afterwards. He let us know they were playing a show in Fayetteville at the end of their current tour and told us to be there. We of course will be.

Check them out here in Arkansas either the 27th at The Sound Stage of Conway or the 28th at Dickson Theater of Fayetteville. I'll finally take some real pictures of these guys for you next time. Hope you like that cameraphone pic up top.
"Despite their new record deal, Lucero still tours 200 days a year just to get by.
Lucero - Sixteen [mp3]

February + March

I finally got my copy of Bishop Allen's February EP in the mail today. Hopefully the band has everything sorted out for March like they said they do.

Well, February was a little bit of a let down to me. I put it in and was expecting some really great work, but didn't find was I wanted. Now this was in no way a bad EP, just lesser than January and "The Monitor" (IMHO). Songs like "The Monitor" and "The Bullet and BigD" seem to be the kind of thing that I like to hear from Bishop Allen. Hopefully "The Monitor" is a good indication for March. Thanks for the early look YANP.

Pick Up the EP's From BA's Site.
Bishop Allen - Vain [mp3]
Bishop Allen - The Monitor [mp3]
Bishop Allen - Corazon [mp3]

Shades Are Drawn Digipak

I just got the new Digipak version of Finian Mckean's "Shades Are Drawn" in the mail today. I know I've mentioned him before, and you have seen him on nearly every blog on the universe, but I felt that I should just let you know how great looking the new packaging is in person. Pick up a copy, or even download the album and artwork. I can't recommend this enough if you haven't picked it up yet.
Finian Mckean - Shades Are Drawn [mp3]
Also head over to his Myspace , official website , or new label site for other great art,pictures, and words.

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