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I found Blogshares by searching for my name and the like on google, and yes I was googling myself. It is kind of fun because it gives you an idea of how much your blog is worth compared to others who has links to you and the like. I highly reccomend it to people that would like to track thier blog. It is basically the stockmarket of blogs. I just registered so that I could claim shares in my blog. Here is the link to my blog's page.(Link) The site may be a little slow, or at least I found it to be. But it is worth the wait. I don't know if any of they other sites in the blogosphere have seen this before, but I was entertained.

I would also like to thank Off The Record for the linkage, as I just found out through this site he had a link to me. Hopefully he can get his blog back on an upward curve, maybe this link will help.

Remixes of 2005

First I have to talk about remix albums. Beck Gameboy Variations was the first real remix that I liked this year. With the release of Guero came GameBoy Variations (Hell Yes Remix) - EP in February and also Guerolito just recently. The Gameboy variations in my opinion are much superior to the others.

Another Great remix album has to be Bloc Party's Silent Alarm Remixed. I enjoyed the original album very much and this just makes a great addition to Bloc Party's track listings. Although I don't really think releasing remixes as albums makes much sense this is what would make me actually buy one.

Mike Jones also had his album out this year and they put out the Screwed and Chopped version of it. Very fun stuff, but then again I like Mike Jones.(Insert "Who?" here)

Phones Remixes have been all over the blogs this year, and all of them are great tracks. They are the work of Paul Epworth and worth a listen.

Bloc Party - Banquet(Phones Disco Edit)

White Rose Movement - Alsation (Phones Gone To The Dogs Remix)

The Rakes - Retreat(Phones Repeat Remix)

The Futureheads -
Hounds of Love(Phones Wolves At The Door Remix)
These are just a few of my favorite tracks this year.
The Go Team!- Ladyflash(Hotchip Remix)

Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For(Mcsleazy Remix)

Bloc Party - Two More Years(MSTRKRFT Remix)

Spoon - I Turn My Camera On(JohnMcEntireRemix)

Lcd Soundsystem - Tribulations(Tiga Mix)

Bonus:Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y-Control(Faint Remix)(This is from 04 but I like it)

Link Update

Elbow has the Top Songs on Blogs. I actually am only on the Cat Power one, but they are all excellent songs to check out, that is if you have not already.

Red Penguin has his Top 100 Singles of 2005.

Stereogum has both the Top Albums and the Indie Rock Hotties.

Dreams of Horses has I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness tracks up.(Link)

DoCopenhagen's Top 50 Video List.

Morroccan Role gives us part one of his favorite albums.(Link)

Pop Matters picks the Best of 2005.

Check out Pandora a great way to find music by feeding it an artist or song you like.(Link)Via:TakeYourMedicine

Edit: So props to GvB for pointing this one out, but JC has his list out and also his disappointments of 2005. At least someone agrees with me about that Kanye, I make ridiculous statements to get press, character.(Link 1, Link 2)

Pitchfork has posted all of their best of lists, and many of them actually consist of good music, however others might disagree about rank. Check these lists out if you think you might have missed any good music this year. Im still finding good albums so check it out.
Best Of Albums
Best Of Singles
Artist's Picks

Maximo Park has announced their new single as "I Want You To Stay" with a new song as the b-side, "La Quinta". If anybody has an mp3 let me know in the comments section.
Maximo Park -
I Want You To Stay

Moroccan Role has a Mix download of his favorite songs of 2005. (Link)

MOKB is having a contest week including QOTSA and We Are Scientists. (

Tiny Mix Tapes also has the Top 25 of 2005. (

The Layaways/Voltage

I feel famous, sort of. Funtime Ok has added my blog to their links list. So check them out at Funtime Ok.

I missed the Lucero concert. I didn't get to the venue enough ahead of time, and when I eventually made it there was a line about a block and a half long to get into the very small capacity venue. I just gave up and partied with a buddy so whatever.

The Layaways (via: Musicglob)

check out the post and the mp3s
The Layaways - Silence
The Layaways - The Long Night
Check out more on the Official Site. (recommended)

Voltage (via: FTOk)

This is sure a strange combination for one post, this group being experimental,but they deserve a mention. I enjoyed the tracks and they would make great mood or background music for your room.
Voltage - Drawbridge
Voltage - Portcullis

Xiu Xiu/The Dead Science 12-9-05

This was one great show. Not only was I able to hang out with friends at a great bar, but we had some great musical accompaniment. First a band from a small town here in Arkansas played. I don't recall the name but they were a two piece act, guitar and drums, and they played hard. Near the end the guitarist ran through the crowd and then back at the drummer crashing, with a jump, into the drum set. It was wild.

Following the little band was another local group called White Whale. I didn't really pay much attention to them, but they did some alright stuff. The really story here was The Dead Science. I don't think some of the people got them to much, but they had some great noise techniques using their instruments. Also the singer has a feminine yet fitting voice. The stand up bass was really great, and when he would bang on it with the drums it created a great effect. I liked these guys a lot and bought the CD Frost Giant and a t-shirt. Available at: (Absolutely Kosher)

The main act Xiu Xiu was up next. I'm not the biggest fan of bands like this. They have a real noise quality to them. For instance they have a board covered in bells that they hit together in to creat a lovely song. Now that was really cool and I actually was turned on to them, but some of the material is too slow for me. They really are specific when it comes to their sound. They took very long to set up and then even longer to get the house and stage set up properly, but it was well worth the great sound in a small and unlikely venue. Like Dreams of Horses said today they have some great merchandise on this tour, and if you like them check it out.

Previously: (Zombies on The Dead Science)

The Dead Science - Drrty Magneto Easily my favorite song.

Rose Hill Drive Show From Back In November

Well I don't have much to say about this show as you can tell. I didn't post about it because its just so time consuming to upload photos and then write a whole review of the show so I wont. Ill just say a few quick things and then post some pictures that I put on facebook, who makes it very easy for me with unlimited space. Rose Hill Drive rocked the bar at Gorges Majestic Lounge, but most of the people were there for a friend's local band that opened, they sucked really, who was not much more than a cover band of once great rock songs. The bar however, started to warm up to the guys and really enjoyed their stuff and went crazy for the Zep covers. Sweat was dripping from guitars and spit was flying from mouths. Lets just say the guys played hard and rocked even harder than that. Check them out if you can, and if you live in Colorado, around New Years they are playing Led Zep I in its entirety.

Rose Hill Drive - Cool Cody

Fayetteville Blues

In honor of finals week on campuses nationwide, I decided to dive deep in to the obscurity of Arkansas musicians and found Max Recordings. They are located in the neighborhood that I grew up in and they have some darn good artists record with them, including Sugar and the Raw, The Big Cats, and Mulehead among others. Well I like the bands that they have so I listened to the streaming mp3s they had of their artists and I can across a tune that really sounded good. Well it was "Fayetteville Blues" by The Big Cats, and just so happened to go along with how I am feeling with all the pressure of finals and grades. I do have the Fayetteville Blues, although this song may be a little more upbeat. Go to the Max Recordings website to Purchase a 45 single of The Big Cats' "Fayetteville Blues" or the full album and check out the other artists there as well. I recommend Sugar and the Raw and picking up a shirt from Max Recordings. Support Local Music.

The Big Cats - Fayetteville Blues (follow link to download mp3)

Love Is All

Love Is All has already been called the first great band of 2006 by Pitchfork. I think they are getting a little premature on naming great bands of 2006, but what do i know. Well they are releasing an album called Nine Times That Same Song and the songs that i have heard are impressive. I dont know about calling them one of my favorite bands or anything, but well worth the download and enjoyable.

Love Is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up
Love Is All - Spinning And Scratching

The Dead Science/ Xiu Xiu

The Dead Science

The Dead Science have a sound that i was slightly interested in at first, but something about it seemed not to hit the right mark with me. As I went to the live section i realized they would be playing a show here on campus at the UofA next week, so i took a second listen. I am beginning to enjoy the epic style of their songs. They remind me of a few acts that i am having trouble putting together, but i guess i would compare them to an indie rock version of NIN, or at least they remind me of the vocal style of With Teeth to some degree. They have wonderful swooping musical riffs, but manage to jump right back in with some killer vocal accompaniment. Well that was bad but just check them out.

The Dead Science with Xiu Xiu / December 9 / Fayetteville, Arkansas /The Dart Room(UofA campus)

The Dead Science-Drrty Magneto
The Dead Science-Ossuary
The Dead Science-Gamma Knife
The Dead Science-White Train

bonus: Xiu Xiu-Jennifer Lopez also go to the official site to listen to track off of the newest album La Foret

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