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Xiu Xiu/The Dead Science 12-9-05

This was one great show. Not only was I able to hang out with friends at a great bar, but we had some great musical accompaniment. First a band from a small town here in Arkansas played. I don't recall the name but they were a two piece act, guitar and drums, and they played hard. Near the end the guitarist ran through the crowd and then back at the drummer crashing, with a jump, into the drum set. It was wild.

Following the little band was another local group called White Whale. I didn't really pay much attention to them, but they did some alright stuff. The really story here was The Dead Science. I don't think some of the people got them to much, but they had some great noise techniques using their instruments. Also the singer has a feminine yet fitting voice. The stand up bass was really great, and when he would bang on it with the drums it created a great effect. I liked these guys a lot and bought the CD Frost Giant and a t-shirt. Available at: (Absolutely Kosher)

The main act Xiu Xiu was up next. I'm not the biggest fan of bands like this. They have a real noise quality to them. For instance they have a board covered in bells that they hit together in to creat a lovely song. Now that was really cool and I actually was turned on to them, but some of the material is too slow for me. They really are specific when it comes to their sound. They took very long to set up and then even longer to get the house and stage set up properly, but it was well worth the great sound in a small and unlikely venue. Like Dreams of Horses said today they have some great merchandise on this tour, and if you like them check it out.

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The Dead Science - Drrty Magneto Easily my favorite song.

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  1. # Anonymous jason

    I saw a post you did on youaintnopicasso. I'm glad to know someone else enjoyed seeing The Dead Science; I thought the fayetteville crowd was pretty rude to them. So many people left after White Whale b/c their friend was in that band that they missed out on Dead Science. Also, they are a quiet band, for which people really needed to shut up to hear the idiosyncracies of the music.
    I ended up getting Frost Giant too, and it is so good!  

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