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People In Planes Album Release

People In Planes released their debut full lenght album, As Far As The Eye Can See..., this Tuesday on Wind Up records. These guys have had a good run on the blogs and to celebrate the release of the album the record company has decided to release another mp3 for your listening pleasure. The track "Light for the Deadvine" is becoming one of my favorite tracks on the album. First I was drawn to songs like "Falling By The Wayside" and "For Mile s Around(Scratch To Void)", but now my favorite tracks include "Moth", "Rush", and "Light for the Deadvine".
People In Planes - Light for the Deadvine [mp3]

Pick the album up on itunes and get the track “If You TalkToo Much (My Head Will Explode)[Bonus Acoustic Track]".

Arkansas Artists Shorties: 607

607 (AKA Adrian Tillman) is Little Rock born and raised. Easily the A-state's most prolific rapper and arguably its most talented, he's released more than 20 CDs of original material since 1997, first, as a member of the Traumah Team (607, Mr. Morbid, Random Black Dude, and Bizarro), and more recently, as a solo artist. As a co-founder of the hip-hop collective “Under the Ground,” which hosts regular shows at Vino's and a podcast, he's is often mistakenly pegged as a backpacker or alt-rapper, but a quick survey of local rap releases of all stripes finds 607 to be damn near ubiquitous. Any given night you venture out, whether you're heading to NU or Bada Bing or Whitewater, you've got at least a 40% chance of seeing our man meeting and greeting. He'll be the dude with the silver briefcase, which is currently filled with his latest album, Devil's Violin. - TJ Deeter (Localist Magazine) Read the interview here.

607 puts out a new album every 3 months. His newest is Devil's Violin.

Check him out tonight at Art Amiss 4 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. @ Dickson Theater 7pm : $5

Be friends with him on myspace and check out a few tracks.
From Devil's Violin
607 - Off The Hook Ignit [mp3]
607 - Man [mp3]
607 - Death Is All [mp3]
607 - Devil's Violin [mp3]
607 - All Points Between [mp3]
Traumah Team - Sidewayz [mp3]
Traumah Team - I Am [mp3]

People In Planes @ Juanita's Cantina 3-22-06

People In Planes played a great little show the other night at local hotspot Juanita's. There was a massive crowd mostly there for Blue October, but the show was very well worth the crowd. I underestimated the number of people that would be at this show so the pictures are a little lacking as I was not very near the front, but they will probably get the job done. To the point however, I like these guys and their live show is nice. People In Planes - Moth (Acoustic) [mp3]

People In Planes were also just added to VH1's Artists You Ought To Know list featuring the likes of James Blunt and The Fray.

Make sure to Pick up the new album As Far As The Eye Can See this Tuesday when it is released. It may be on its way to mainstream media, but I am a little partial to their album. I also have an autographed postcard available if anybody is interested.

Notes: The Exit @ Juanita's Cantina 3-20-06

Everybody that runs a blog has probably gotten the email from People in Planes, but the publicist also was promoting a band called The Exit and their 2005 release,Home For An Island. I didn't think much of this band when I first heard it, but they are starting to grow on me.

The Exit - Dont Push [mp3]
Now I had a hard time deciding whether I should have gone to this concert, and the answer was yes I should, but I should have left immediately after they were done playing. The problem was this was an all ages show featuring a crappy emo band. Now not only were there to many people there, but I was nearly the tallest tin the crowd. Have I mentioned I can not stand emo kids?

Anyways, The Exit put on a good and exciting show. I was also unaware that they played live with a saxophonist. The set started with a duet featuring the bassist/vocalist and the keyboardist from Straylight Run. They then progressed into a hefty set including highlights like "Back to the Rebels", "Don't Push", and "Pressure Cooker". If you like rock at its finest I recommend these guys all emo aside. I'm not ripping on Straylight either, rather The Spill Canvas. Note to Self: Avoid Emo Bands!

Maritime + Aloha @ Vino's Brew Pub 3-19-06

Not very many showed up for this little concert at Vino's Brew Pub on a Sunday night. Vino's is a great little pizza joint/brewery that lets you bring in jugs that you purchase from them to have filled with you favorite variety of beers they make themselves, not to mention the pizza is superb. They also bring in great entertainment for the backroom, and hardley charge as much as other venues.
Maritime started the show out with a small set. Only about 15 or 20 people showed for this gig and Maritime wasn't feeling it so much and I think their performance suffered slightly. Much more, I only truly liked one song from the set and that was the one that I featured back with the news of Maritime releasing their new album. They had the limited press blue vinyl for sale with them.
Aloha followed with a longer set and to me a much more pleasing show. They have been getting a lot of hype in my opinion, and their inclusion at SXSW, the Stereogum showcase, and the numerous amount of blogging that has gone on is waranted. Really a larger crowd would suit to create a better mood, but they played well enough to keep my attention.
Aloha - Your Eyes [mp3]

Grand Serenade
Back on the 10th Grand Serenade and Sugar and the Raw played a great little set at the downtown Little Rock Public Theater. Needless to say I drove home for this little dandy of a concert. Grand Serenade and Sugar and the Raw, Zombies favorites, usually draw larger crowds, but for some reason this little publicized show was populated by only around 30 people. It was a great little show that the bands set up. What makes a concert better, usually beer, but this was a BYOB. That didn't inhibit this little gig as everybody brought their own goodies.

Sugar and the Raw played first giving a great collection of songs, and definitely playing a great show. Grand Serenade followed them with a great run through their discography. Sadly they didn't play many of my favorite oldies.

Sugar and the Raw - Spilled Milk [mp3]
Grand Serenade - Crashing Cars [mp3]
On another not Grand Serenade recently made their entire discog. avaliable on last.fm.
American Princes of Little Rock played SXSW this last week.
American Princes - Stolen Blues [mp3]

Taking a Look Back: A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack

A Clockwork Orange is not only one of my all time favorite movies, but it also delivered one of the best soundtracks out there. I'm not going to ignore the fact that this movie came out before I was even born, but I really like the way it was done and wish movies these days would take note and put more purpose into the script. I guess they could always add a little rape, ultra-violence, and Beethoven also.

Off of the topic of the movie, this soundtrack is superb. An excellent selection of Beethoven is included, along with other classics like Singing in the Rain and I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper. The juxtaposition of these tracks with the eerie and bizarre work of Walter Carlos create one of my favorite soundtracks and a very memorable one as well.
Viddy thou these mp3's.
Singin' in the Rain - Gene Kelly
Buy the soundtrack on Amazon, also you can get Carlos' complete score along with his/her Bach albums.

Monday of Mondays

For some reason this Monday is probably the best day ever in the history of Mondays for concerts in driving range.

First in the lineup is Fayetteville shows. Parts & Labor with Illease and locals Tel Aviv, who you all know from my Arkansas Artists Post.

Next We have Little Rock shows. Now I have tickets to these, but am to lazy to drive home tonight and I have a test tomorrow. Ted Leo / Rx with The Duke Spirit and Les Aus are at Vino's Brew Pub, and there is an aftershow featuring my favorites Man Man at Whitewater Tavern. I highly recommend Man Man if you are 21 and can get in.

The final concert is in Oklahoma and includes Thunderbirds Are Now! , Rahim, and El Paso Hot Button.
Parts & Labor - A Great Divide [mp3]
Tel Aviv - Black Marketeering [mp3]
Ted Leo - Army Bound [mp3]
The Duke Spirit - Cuts Across The Land [mp3]
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Eat This City [mp3]
El Paso Hot Button - Hot on The Trail [mp3]

Man Man played last night in Springfield, Mo. This is the first time that I have ever seen them play, and to tell the truth I wasn't a fan until this last album. Six Demon Bag, however, is one of my favorite albums right now, and the show was everything that I could have expected and more. If you are a fan of the album, imagine, if you can, the intensity and strangeness that is a Man Man song and multiply that by al least five times and you have a Man Man performance. To top the intense, loud, and crazy performance add in the outfits that these guys put on. At this gig, I'm not certain about others they wore all white clothes, some accenting it with headbands, not to mention they all have facial hair. I also have you mention how much I liked the venue. Make sure to catch some more shows at the Randy Bacon Gallery if you are near Springfield.

If you like noise in your music, but feel you are missing something by the performers not expressing themselves, you will love the voices Man Man does. Take a listen to a couple songs and then pick up the full album you will not be disappointed.

Man Man - Feathers [mp3]
Man Man -
Van Helsing Boombox [mp3]
Man Man - Engwish Bwudd [mp3]

Andy Zipf played a nice little acoustic set for us as well. He played some old stuff as well as some new songs for his coming album. Help him out by contribution got the Andy Zipf Album Fund.

Andy Zipf - Last To Know

Friday's Music: Local Shows

3-10, Friday
S&TR with Grand Serenade Public Theater/Little Rock
Ho-Hum George's Majestic Lounge/Fayetteville
Ho-Hum is a music project of local Record Store owner Rod Bryan who also happens to be running for governor on his own paltform. For more information visit his site. Also check out the record store with my favorite name Anthro-Pop. They have the most kick ass logo, get a shirt if you are ever in town. Pick up Ho-Hum's 2005 album, Losty, there. I'll do an Arkansas Artists on them one day, but probably expect a Rap and Hip-Hop Artists first. You can also get their albums on itunes.

Ho-Hum - St. Streets [mp3]
S&TR - Spilled Milk [mp3]

Arkansas Artists Volume Three: Sugar and The Raw

Sugar And The Raw are a Little Rock band that has gained a lot of popularity among the scenesters and music goers. Locals S&TR are on also local label Max Recordings and released their debut album Translucent last April to mass appeal, giving a copy to every member of the audience at the release party. They started out as more of a party band, but with the release of their album, have turned their music into something worth your listen. Live shows leave no room for excuse including two guitars, bass, drums, keys, horns, percussion, and vocal harmonies. Pick up the album from Max Recordings. Visit S&TR's myspace.

Make sure to check out S&TR this Friday at the Public Theater in Little Rock with zombies favorites Grand Serenade.
S&TR with Grand Serenade 3-10-06 Public Theater 11:00P.
S&TR 3-17-06 (Valley of the Vapors Festival) Schapiro's/ Hot Spirings, Arkansas 9:00p.
"Imagine if you will, that Sly and The Family Stone
decided to reemerge as early twenty-something white boys, then lace their sound
with wiry guitars, jungle percussion, horns that feel like tornados and a dance
party. If that could happen, it would look and sound something like Sugar and
the Raw."
William Inman Little Rock Free Press

S&TR - Again and Again [mp3]
S&TR - Hope You Don't Mind [mp3]
S&TR - Spilled Milk [mp3]
S&TR - Henry Gates [mp3]

Previously on Arkansas Artists: Grand Serenade, Tel Aviv, The Gossip

Arkansas Roots

Like the many musicians that have their roots in Arkansas. It usually doesn't get out that much. The latest of those is The Gossip. They however like to proclaim it in their biography and also in their discography have a CDEP titled Arkansas Heat. If you like bands that have a strong female vocalist then this is the band for you. Their songs are also danceable with punk influence and soul mixing to form interesting combinations. Check them out on myspace and the official site. Buy the new LP Standing in the Way of Control. [buy]

[mp3] The Gossip - Your Mangled Heart
Hear more on myspace and killrockstars.

Free Locksley

Locksley will be playing a free show tonight at Whitewater Tavern in Little Rock, Arkansas. The show is to start at 10:00, but is 21+. So, for all us youngsters out there better- luck next time.
Locksley is a band who I heard about through the wonderness that is You Ain't No Picasso. Their track She Does sold me right off the bat with their obvious similarities to British invasion bands like the Beatles. Make sure to check these guys out on their latest tour and buy their 2005 EP here, where it can also be streamed, or on itunes.

Locksley is a four-piece rock and roll band, in the grand tradition. Hailing
back to the early Beatles/Kinks days of the British Invasion, Locksley are equal
parts raucous, energetic live performers and precise, melodic songwriters.
Although the friends from Madison, Wisconsin's West High School performed
together with regularity during those formidable years, the Locksley story
doesn't really begin until the boy's mutual love of a band set them on the road
to New York.

Locksley - She Does [mp3]

Bones: Some Assembly Required

Party Ben - Never Feel Good [mp3]
Measles Mumps Rubella - Algorith of Desire [mp3]
The Rogers Sisters - The Light [mp3]
Bishop Allen - Vain
Nine Black Alps - Cosmopolitain [mp3] Free itunes single.
Figurines -Ambush [mp3]
Mogwai - Folk Death 95 [mp3]
Midlake - Roscoe (Mastered Version) [mp3]
Man Man - Feathers [mp3]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts (AOL Session) [mp3]
The Beastles (dj BC) - Lovely NYC [mp3]

Do As I Tell You or Else

Get Him Eat Him, whose last album was out on Absolutely Kosher, recently released their newest EP Do As I Tell You. It was however put out on CatBird Records, and is sold out on the website. However the band still claims to have 40 left that you can buy direct for $6.50 through paypal, no account needed.

Get Him Eat Him - Exposure [mp3] From the New EP.
Get Him Eat Him - Mumble Mumble [mp3] From Geography Cones.

Essence of The Hipster

Just a little update and some links here. Check out this really cool shirt from threadless. Its titled hipster doll. I think if you wanted to you could actually print he picture and cut it out. Make sure to get it while its hot, and before it sells out.[link]

I posted this link on another site, but its a copy of Jimi Hendrix performing on It Must Be Dusty! June 12 1968. It includes a rare duet with female vocalist and host Dusty Springfield and Jimi himself. It also contains the first "official" public performance of Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Jimi Hendrix - It Must Be Dusty! June 5, 1968 [.rar archive]

I figured I'd also take this time to update you on a few of my favorite albums that I have been listening to lately. I'll have a new mix up soon.

  1. Blood On the Wall -Awesomer [2005]
  2. Finian Mckean - Shades Are Drawn [2005]
  3. Mogwai - Mr. Beast [2006]
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones (Not Final Version)

Take a listen to these if you get the time. Buy them at Insound.

Oh Sweet Desire...

Measles Mumps Rubella have released their new album, and I think a 7.9 from pitchfork would be considered as a rating of approval. This song Algorithm of Desire seems to me to be what makes MMR so great. This is one of my new favorite songs and I like nearly everything about it. I probably listened to it 8 times after the first listen. What creates a great element of the song is the breathing added to the singers vocals. I do love my dance-punk music and this song is a new favorite. Recommended for fans of !!! or just dance -punk in general. Hopefully the rest of the album, Fantastic Success, is as good. Read the Pitchfork review here. [buy] [myspace]

See them on tour March 14 at Whitewater Tavern w/ A Fir Ju Well in Little Rock, Ar.

Measles Mumps Rubella - Algorithm Of Desire [mp3] Recomended

Measles Mumps Rubella - Fantastic Success [mp3]


Pitchfork likes Tapes N' Tapes' The Loon, finally realizing the blogs actually have good taste in music.

YYYs leaked, find songs nearly everywhere.

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