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Eric Metronome - "The Beginning of the Beginning of the End"

Eric Metronome will release You Should Be Happy on October 31. You can actually get it shipped now from Sunken Treasure if you were so inclined.

Metronome is also currently engaged in a covers project much like Bishop Allen's EP project. Metronome releases one cover every week. A few I found interesting were Band of Horses' "The Funeral" and John Lennon's "Isolation." Other artists covered include Sufjan, Spoon, and Joanna Newsom.

Eric Metronome - The Beginning of the Beginning of the End

Good Hodgkins has another album track.
Metronome's site does as well.

The Magic Numbers - "Take a Chance"

The Magic Numbers will release their new album Those The Brokes on November 6th. "Take a Chance" is the first single from the new album and will officially be released October 23rd. The single is already playing on Radio 1 and other stations.

Pick up Their debut album and singles here.

The Magic Numbers - Take a Chance

Phantom Planet | UofA Greek Theater

Phantom Planet played the University of Arkansas this past Thursday, and brought along a few new songs to test out. I didn't catch any names, but at least four they called new. I have never really caught on to any of the earlier Phantom Planet albums, but their latest self-titled album was one of my favorite high school albums -- I listened to it on my commute for nearly three consecutive weeks.

However, I was a little let down by the live translation of one of my favorite albums, mostly the way 'Big Brat' was played. 'Big Brat' has a great layered guitar effect and it just did not translate well live. Possibly it was where I was standing, but most of the other songs from Phantom Planet sounded more accurate.

It didn't ruin my time entirely, actually I enjoyed the show.

Phantom Planet - California

So Many Dynamos - "Progress"

So Many Dynamos recently released Flashlight on SKROCKI records. They will also be making a tour stop this week at Whitewater Tavern in Little Rock, Tuesday September 19th, and in Hot Springs at The Exchange on Wednesday the 20th.

So Many Dynamos -

Dr. Dog | The Gypsy 9/16/06

Dr. Dog - Easy Beat from Easy Beat
Dr. Dog is currently on Tour supporting The Raconteurs and will soon be supporting The Magic Numbers, and then The Black Keys. They had just enough time to stop off for a college radio show here at the Uof A while the big guys were at ACL this weekend.

I had a camera failure when transferring my pics, loosing nearly 30 or so, and was left with a few poor shots. These two aren't entirely terrible though.

Check out this other post on Dr. Dog.

Comets on Fire - "Dogwood Rust"

Comets on Fire recently released their fourth LP, Avatar, on Sub Pop records. Comets on Fire are a supergroup of sorts, each member coming together from one or more sideproject to make a reverb soaked, improv droning, rock group. Much like Black Mountain there is plenty of comet side grouping to keep any fan busy. One of my favorites is Howlin' Rain, who recently released one of my favorite albums this year.

Comets on Fire - Dogwood Rust

Bonus --
Comets on Fire -
The Antlers of the Midnight Sun From Blue Cathedral
Howlin' Rain - Roll On the Rusted Days
Collosal Yes - Just Like A Mademoiselle
Collosal Yes - The Honey Creeper Smiles
Six Organs of Admittance - Somewhere Between

White Whale and American Princes @ The Gypsy

White Whale - The Admiral
American Princes - Stolen Blues

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