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Maestro Echoplex | Songs About Planes | Catbird Re-release

The always too-hard-to-track-down Maestro Echoplex EP from 2001, Last Night I Saw God on the Dance Floor, just got a little easier to find. The fine folks at Catbird Records have stepped up to offer a limited edition re-release of the album complete with new, beautiful letterpress packaging (courtesy Starshaped Press). The first 100 people to buy it will also get a bonus 4-song mini-cd of unreleased Maestro material. Specifically, it's Maestro Echoplex's contribution to the elusive Songs About Planes album--a three-way split concept album of songs about Amelia Earhart, with four songs contributed from Maestro.

Maestro Echoplex -
My Eyes Are Disconnected From My Head Is Disconnected From My Body

Bonus --
The limited Songs About Planes mini-cd happens to be available here.
Maestro Echoplex - "I Know, I Know" @ Eptonic

Dr. Dog - "Ain't It Strange" | Handmade EP

Dr. Dog, Philadelphia band of six years, released a handmade version of their Takers and Leavers EP limited to 1000 copies. Park the Van was lucky enough to get 100 of them and is still taking orders last time I checked. Takers and Leavers is one of the two new recordings by Dr. Dog - the other being a new LP follow-up to 2005's Easy Beat. (Buy)

Dr. Dog is also touring with Cold War Kids and The Raconteurs.
Dr. Dog 9/16 The Gypsy Fayetteville, Ar (free with student id)

Dr. Dog - Ain't It Strange (From Takers and Leavers)

Check out Dr. Dog's excellent performance on KEXP
Another Mp3 from Easy Beat @ PTV


DJ BC, the one that brought you the beastles, is back with a fresh mashup featuring Wu Tang layered magnificently over orleans style jazz. Wu Orleans is definitely worth a listen. Check out "When the Meth Comes Marching In" featuring Louis Armstrong and Method Man. (torrent)

DJ BC - When the Meth Comes Marching In

Dark Meat - "Dead Man"

Dark Meat, Dark Meat/Vomit Lasers Family Band/Galaxy, is another one of those large collective bands. They are also a large collaboration of Athens, Georgia band members ranging from horns to pedal steel, plenty of percussion and much more. Look for their new album Universal Indians on Cloud recordings October 24, 2006.

Dark Meat - Dead Man

Bonus --
Dark Meat - Angel of Meth
Myspace has live recordings.

Swan Lake - "All Fires"

Swan Lake, comprised of Dan Bejar, Spencer Krug and Carey Mercer , will be releasing their supergroup album Beast Moans on label Jagjaguwar November 21.

Swan Lake - All Fires

Girl Talk - Night Ripper

Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk released Night Ripper to much acclaim from pitchfork and the like. His distinct style has really reinstated the mash-up in music culture and in my ears. (Buy)

Lets just not talk about how late I am about posting about this, but I've been listening to this since I got my hands on it. And figured I might as well post, even if it only persuaded one person to listen to it.

Girl Talk - Bounce That

Girl Talk - Hold Up

Akron/Family - "Gone Beyond"

Akron/Family is prepping their new album, Meek Warrior, for release September 25. It also features special guests Hamid Drake and members of Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene. (Buy)

"The song “Gone Beyond” is the sort of palliative hymn I want to hear while suddenly finding myself drifting through the universe having unexpectedly jettisoned the meat-grinder of earthly existence." - Michael Gira/Young God Records

Akron/Family - Gone Beyond

William Elliot Whitmore - "The Chariot"

William Elliot Whitmore will be on tour soon with Lucero as mentioned before, but here is some material from his new album on Southern Records, Song of the Blackbird. (Buy)

William Elliot Whitmore - The Chariot

Bonus ---
William Elliot Whitmore - Take It On The Chin

Chad VanGaalen - "Flower Gardens"

Chad VanGaalen is one of those people that can do everything. First off, he is an amazing musician. Combine this with his artistic eye and you have a knock-out combination of hipster glory. Check out his new album, Skelliconnection, on August 22nd on SubPop.

Pre-order and get an EP of unreleased songs featuring a hand drawn cover.

Chad VanGaalen - Flower Gardens

I'm From Barcelona - "We're From Barcelona"

I'm From Barcelona (Site) (Pitchfork Review) (Album)
Pitchfork recently gave this new album, Let Me Introduce My Friends, by 29 Member I'm From Barcelona Best New Music Status. I agree it is really great stuff.

Update: Pitchfork posted a review of this song and have given it a five star review. They also posted the link to the video on youtube.

I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona

Tel Aviv - "Alternate History"

Here's a little treat for everyone. A Tel Aviv track from the forthcoming Underwaters. You can also still pick up a copy of Lay Me Down straight from the guys themselves. (Info on Myspace)

Tel Aviv - Alternate History

Say Hi To Your Mom | Impeccable Blahs

A little slow to the gun on this one, but worthy anyways, Say Hi To Your Mom released Impeccable Blahs last month July 25th. I haven't had the pleasure to listen to the full album,but with four legal mp3s available online I can truthfully say that I am not disappointed in the least by Say Hi's latest effort.

Say Hi To Your Mom - Angels And Darlas
Say Hi To Your Mom - Sad, But Endearingly So
Say Hi To Your Mom - Snowcones And Puppies
Pick up another track at insound.

New Lucero Tour Dates

Finally the day has come. Lucero recently announced the Arkansas leg of their album release tour. Expect me at one if not both of these Arkansas shows (Possible Tests?).

Dates: 10/26 - Fayetteville Dickson Theater , 10/27 Little Rock The Village
Another side note is that Lucero will be touring with Rocky Votolato (Heavily Blogged) and William Elliott Whitmore so it should be an exciting show.

Don't Forget to pre-order Rebels, Rogues, and Sworn Brothers to get a digital copy immediately, 3 pins, early ship date, and access to an exclusive t-shirt.

Lucero - San Francisco
Lucero - I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight
Rocky Votolato - White Daisy Passing

Concert Recap: Shooter, Ok Go, Bad Wizard

Shooter Jennings

The Lashes

Ok Go

So, there has been very little updates and its surprising even to me to think that I have more free time and more ambition to write this thing at school. Another gig that I really need to mention was a night of great metal featuring Bad Wizard and not Early Man(broke down bus). Bad Wizard are exactly the way I like my rock, loud and influenced by classic artists. Bad Wizard have the new must see show. Bad Wizard - Sky High

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