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New Releases

Today is an eventful day in my calendar. First we have three great releases. Sadly you can only have two of them today.
First is She Wants Revenge. This is a band that i found through Dreams of Horses. So thank you Mr. Horses. You can also get this one on itunes.[Buy LP]
She Wants Revenge - These Things [mp3]
She Wants Revenge - These Things [mov]

Next we have the first of the soon to come monthly EP from Bishop Allen. This one is January as you have probably been able to see from mother blogs. Here is the link to th epage where the EP is avaliable.[Link]
Bishop Allen - Corazon [mp3]

Finally we have Wolfmother. This is that great band from Australia that has been getting hype on the blogs lately. I got into these guys when I found out about them playign sxsw. These guys are worth the listen and the new Dimensions EP is released today.[Buy EP]
Wolfmother - Dimensions [mp3]
Wolfmother - Woman [mp3]

The Raconteurs Tracks are still Here.

The Raconteurs - Store Bought Bones

You Ain't No Picasso got me all excited about this so I decided to go ahead and record the second song for those of you that need it that bad. Man I sure do love these songs so make sure and get these while you can. Sorry I don't have a file hosting service but savefile will do for now.

If you don't know The Raconteurs is the work of Jack White and Brendan Benson along with Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler. Expect an Upcoming 7" of these songs, I know I will. And an album Broken Boy Soldiers 5/06.

The Raconteurs - Store Bought Bones [mp3]

The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes [mp3]

Ester Drang

I don't know how I was able to miss this really great track when it was on other great blogs, but I did. I think it may have had something to do with GvB mentioning other releases like Cat Power and Jenny Lewis who are not my favorite types of music, but this may be just fine for you fans of them.

On their myspace Ester Drang call themselves Indie / Psychedelic, but I'm not entirely convinced. Although it is an adequate genre I think a better could be found as these tunes are much more relaxed and low key then the Psychedelic that I think of. The first track available for free is Come Back Alive, which just sounds great and deserves multiple listens as it is such a drawing sound it puts you in the mood that the song exhibits right away.

Ester Drang has a new album out entitled Rocinate. It was released January 24 of this month and is available on Jade Tree. Definitely take the time to listen to these guys and consider their stuff. They also have some other merch like t-shirts on the site.

Ester Drang - Come Back Alive [mp3]

GvB Has another song off Rocinate.[Link]

From the older album Infinite Keys.
Ester Drang - Dead Mans Point of View [mp3]
Ester Drang - The Greatest Thing [mp3]


Link Update

The Poster List [Link]
A site full of the best and the cheapest posters for all you indie kids with bare walls.

I Guess I'm Floating has a tribute to Thomas Edison that I found very clever.[Link]
He also has Final Fantasy tracks from Live at Over The Top 2006. [Link]

Itunes now has Comedy Central shows for ipod video.[Link]

The Arctic Monkeys don't know what David Bowie looks like and ask him to move. [Link]

Also check out GVB's Best of January post. [Link]

Bonus MP3 Links: Love Is All - Used Goods .:. The Knife - Still Light
Thanks YANP for The Prix - All In The Way You Trip

Regnyouth has the Wolfmother - S/t album for download. [Link] (always a recommendation)

Update: I found this foreign site with a link to me. Thanks for the linkage buddy.[Link]*

MOKB has the newish Gorillaz Ep only tracks Bill Murray and Spittin Out the Demons.[Link]

Arkansas Music Volume One: Tel Aviv

School has been killer lately, and I just haven't felt like posting that much. This is my time now though to introduce some bands from Arkansas that are actually worth you listen. Not to often to I get to actually mention a band that is from Arkansas that others might actually like.

First we have Tel Aviv. This band is one that I have heard about through friends and such as they play shows now and then, One of my High School friends is actually the sister of one of the band members. When I heard the mp3s from their site I was literally blown away that such a great band from Arkansas actually existed and I did not know about them. They have an upcoming date with Apollo Sunshine, who I assume most of you bloggers have heard of, but if not they are really great.

Tel Aviv - About Hysteria [mp3]
Tel Aviv - Black Marketeering [mp3]
I am not kidding. If you are reading this you must download these and tell me what you think in the comments.

More Music:Myspace, Purevolume

Tour Dates:
February 3 Conway, AR @ the Agora with Apollo Sunshine
March 23 Seattle, WA @ the Funhouse
March 24 Seattle, WA @ the Comet Tavern with Tourist

UPDATE: You can buy Tel Aviv's Lay Me Down Ep here.

Coming Soon: Lucero 1-26-06 Review, More Arkansas Artists, Upcoming Concert Dates In My Area, New Music Round Up

Rose Hill Drive News

Some info in the email today included a listing of new tour dates and the fact that Rose Hill Drive, a favorite band of mine, have finally signed a record deal and will be releasing an album. The band is reported on signing to Megaforce/Scifidelity Records. They spent the beginning of January recording the album in Atlanta and expect a late spring or early summer release this year. These guys really deserve some more credit. They have an awesome sound, but Pitchfork gave them a bad rap for their trck on the Stubbs The Zombie ST. If you are any kind of classic rock, especially Led Zepellin, fan then do yourself a favor and get into these guys.

Rose Hill Drive - Cool Cody [mp3]

Rose Hill Drive has two live recordings offered at their website, including one with Led Zeppelin I in its entirety.[Link]

Here is a post including some pictures from a concert.[Link]

Tour Dates:
Tuesday, 2.7.06 in Salt Lake City, UT at EGO'S
Thursday, 2.9.06 in Seattle, WA at Chop Suey
Friday, 2.10.06 in Bellingham, WA at The Nightlight
Saturday, 2.11.06 in Portland, OR at The Roseland Grill
Tuesday, 2.14.06 in Eugene, OR. Square Peg Concerts Presents The NRQ Valentine's Day Massacre with Rose Hill Drive at John Henry's
Thursday, 2.16.06 in Arcata, CA at Blue Lake Casino-Steel Head Lounge
Friday, 2.17.06 in Sacramento, CA at The Blue Lamp
Saturday, 2.18.06 in San Francisco, CA at The Fillmore supporting Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Sunday, 2.19.06 in Lake Tahoe, NV at The Crown Room at The Crystal Bay Club Casino supporting Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Thursday, 2.23.06 in Dallas, TX at The Gypsy Tea Room
Friday, 2.24.06 in Austin, TX at Stubb's Indoors
Thursday, 3.2.06 in Atlanta, GA at Smith's Olde Bar with special guest Steel Train
Friday, 3.3.06 in Birmingham, AL at The Nick with special guest Steel Train
Saturday, 3.4.06 in Nashville, TN at Exit/In with special guest Steel Train
Wednesday, 3.8.06 in Charleston, SC at The Pour House with special guest Steel Train
Thursday, 3.9.06 in Gainesville, Fl at Common Grounds supporting The Drive-by-Truckers
Friday, 3.10.06 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl at The Culture Room. This is a Langerado Late Night show supporting The Drive By Truckers
Saturday, 3.11.06 in Sunrise, Fl at The Langerado Music Festival
Friday and Saturday, April 7th and 8th at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO. with very special guest Will Hoge

The Other Darkness (Now With Less One Piece Outfits)

So everyone has been posing about this great band called I Love You But Ive Chosen Darkness. I saw these guys a month or so ago on Dreams of Horses and instantly thought that they were going to put out some great music on their next release. Well more of the blogs have caught on and I'm now behind on this, but nonetheless check them out.

They already have an Ep out. So, until their full album you can get that form their site for $10.
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - When You Go Out [mp3]

Go to Dreams of Horses , A Boy and His Blog, Chromewaves, Pitchfork, and Muzzle of Bees for more Darkness.

Pitchfork's Best Of 25% OFF

Get off of this site now and get over to insound now. They are putting Pitchfork's picks for best albums on sale. Did you read the list and think that is one cd that I need to listen to? Well now is your chance. Go, go, go. This only lasts until the 24th of January. This is the best opportunity for al of you who have been meaning to listen to an album that someone has been raving about, and it is 25% off.

Some personal suggestions include: Vitalic, Okkervil River, Spoon, Franz Ferdinand, Sunn O))), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Love Is All, New Pornographers, LCD Soundsystem, Wolf Parade, Animal Collective, Deerhoof, and Sufjan Steven.

Vitalic - My Friend Dario [mp3]

We Are Scientists and Morningwood: Today

In celebration of the release of both Morningwood's and We Are Scientists' album releases today I figured a post was in order. There has been some hype over the release of both these cds on the blogs. The talk is that these two bands will be in somewhat of a battle for the indie/label crowds. MOKB predicts Morningwood as the label winner and WAS as the indie winner. He has some mp3s from both bands and also links to other blog commentary.

Well here is a WAS present. Before the singles, new album, and Wolf's Hour Ep WAS released other material including In Action, Safety,Fun, and Learning(In that Order), and Bitching!. I've always wanted to get ahold of these and now here they are. Brought to you by a WAS fanpage the first three releases.(Link)
Make sure to check out the rest of Nebulize My Mind also.

Blogging Tools

Seems like everybody has a blog these days and not everyone may know about some of these great tool that they can use to improve the quality of said blog.

File Hosts

Also check out this article for a larger list.

Allows readers to preview tracks before downloading.


Ever wanted an easier way to get the picture of that album for a post?

Image Hosting
Facebook(For you college kids)

The Generator Blog
Great if you want some customized signage.(Say you want Einstein writing the name of your blog in chalk) They probably have a link

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