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New Releases

Today is an eventful day in my calendar. First we have three great releases. Sadly you can only have two of them today.
First is She Wants Revenge. This is a band that i found through Dreams of Horses. So thank you Mr. Horses. You can also get this one on itunes.[Buy LP]
She Wants Revenge - These Things [mp3]
She Wants Revenge - These Things [mov]

Next we have the first of the soon to come monthly EP from Bishop Allen. This one is January as you have probably been able to see from mother blogs. Here is the link to th epage where the EP is avaliable.[Link]
Bishop Allen - Corazon [mp3]

Finally we have Wolfmother. This is that great band from Australia that has been getting hype on the blogs lately. I got into these guys when I found out about them playign sxsw. These guys are worth the listen and the new Dimensions EP is released today.[Buy EP]
Wolfmother - Dimensions [mp3]
Wolfmother - Woman [mp3]

The Raconteurs Tracks are still Here.

3 Responses to “New Releases”

  1. # Blogger Fred

    wolfmother are shit. there are 1000 other australian bands who deserve to be hyped more.

    these include:

    the panda band
    dappled cities fly
    kid confucious  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    wolfmother are awesome with good songs and deserve to win the AVMAs  

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