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Lucero plays Arkansas

Johnny and the Moon - "Green Rocky Road"

Johnny and the Moon release their self-titled debut album tomorrow. Johnny and the Moon is Dante DeCarlo's, of Wolf Parade, new band. It will be released on Kill Devil Hills Records. Buy it here.

Johnny and the Moon - Green Rocky Road
Johnny and the Moon - Kid Heaven(via GvB)
Stream more at myspace.

Flaming Fire - "High Bell"

Flaming Fire are on Silly Bird Records and are releasing (released?) their new album When The High Bell Rings. Apparently you can buy it for $13, but it might be a pre-order, that could get you a deluxe copy if you are one of the first hundred.

Flaming Fire have been called freak-rock, and it seems to be a somewhat fitting description. I'm not sure if the trend will catch on like freak folk and other similar collectives did, but check this out and enjoy it. They also have some kind of illustrated bible project as well.

Flaming Fire - 10/20 Little Rock, Ar The Treehouse

Flaming Fire - High Bell
[another track here
, and stream here]

Drag The River Plays Two Arkansas Shows (Fayetteville/Little Rock)

Drag The River is also playing Friday night, tomorrow, in Little Rock at Whitewater Tavern with local Kevin Kerby. Thursday's is 18+ and Friday's is 21+, sorry youngsters.

Drag The River - Disbelieve
(From Hobo's Demos, soon to be re-released on Suburban Homes)

Catfish Haven @ The Delicious | 10/08/06

Catfish Haven - Crazy For Leaving

Catfish Haven played Fayetteville's most unknown venue, The Delicious, Sunday night. Basically The Delicious is a house and now and then bands will play there and its always free with donations for the bands. Usually the acts play in the "Basement", but this one was in the living room. Local band Tel Aviv brought plenty of their fans in for a packed room, and most stayed for Catfish Haven. The set was a good mix of both their EP and Tell Me. Make a note to catch them on tour.

Catfish Haven - Please Come Back
More here.

Mute Math and Shiny Toy Guns Play Revolution(Sticky Fingerz) Twice?

Alternative rock bands Mute Math and Shiny Toy Guns play Rumba Revolution, new sister venue to Little Rock's Stick Fingerz, tonight. Shiny Toy Guns also claim to be playing again on the 16th at Stick Fingerz with Mute Math, but the only confirmation of that has been in a promotional e-mail.

Mute Math's "Plan B" is also currently iTunes' single of the week. (Application Link)

Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
This is probably the peak of the album.The rest sounds more like this with vocal duties being traded multiple times.

Mute Math with Shiny Toy Guns @ Revolution Music Room 10/10/06, All Ages, 8P

Pitchfork rates "Mosaic"

If you haven't visited Pitchfork yet, then you don't know that they reviewed Mosaic. Well, they did and they are so much better at words than me. So, read that if you are interested in looking into Wovenhand more. So, is it Woven Hand or Wovenhand?
[My Woven Hand post]

Wovenhand - Dirty Blue

Oh and Arkansas - 2 Alabama Teams -0.
Catfish Haven - Crazy For Leaving

The Delicious (myspace)
Oct. 14th - El Paso Hot Button

Catfish Haven (myspace)
Buy Tell Me

Woven Hand - "Dirty Blue"

Photo: Mike McGrath
Woven Hand is David Eugene Edwards. Edwards plays what can only be described as dark Christian folk. Woven Hand's latest album Mosaic was recently released and is available at Sounds Familyre.

Woven Hand is also currently on tour with Serena-Maneesh and The Evangelicals until the 6th of October.
Seattlest, after seeing them live, apparently thinks "Woven Hand sucks it".

Woven Hand - Dirty Blue

Okkervil River | Arkansas Tour Stop | New MP3

Okkervil River are kicking off their October US tour here in Arkansas Tuesday at Little Rock's Revolution Music Lounge. Off the heels of an Australian leg and ACL, Okkervil River are releasing new material on a 12" called "The President's Dead." It will be releases December 5th.

Okkervil River and Elvis Perkins 10/3/06 (Revolution) - Little Rock, Arkansas

Okkervil River - The President's Dead

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