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Tonight - Tel Aviv | The Gypsy on Dickson

I found out about this at the last minute, but Tel Aviv are playing a CD release show at The Gypsy in Fayetteville. Not sure about the time, but myspace says 10P (Localist mag says 9P!?) This is another great opportunity to pick up their newly released full length album Underwaters. It was released on Max Recordings and is available for purchase.

Tel Aviv | History | Black Marketeering

The Coast - Circles

The Coast are another indie act from Canada. They released their self titled E.P. in 2006 when they also signed to their first label, Aporia Records.
"Growing up listening to bands like U2 or the Verve has proven to be an excellent spark, and the big, spacious guitar pop sound [The Coast] deliver pays homage to that, but comes across as their own ... The Coast are yet another example of the increasingly talented and seemingly unstoppable Canadian indie music scene" - Rob Bolton, Exclaim! Magazine
The Coast | Circles

Julie Doiron - No More

Julie Doiron will be releasing her first material in over two years this month on Jagjaguwar. Doiron reunited with members of her former band, Eric's Trip, to create what Jag says "is timeless and universal, in the same way as Cat Power's Moon Pix, Leonard Cohen's Songs of Love And Hate, and Joni Mitchell's Blue." Her album, Woke Myself Up, will be available Jan. 23rd or you could pre-order it now.

Julie Doiron | No More

The Big Cats - Little Windows

For us college types a new year always brings a new semester of classes, but for Max Recordings it means a slew of new releases. The Big Cats have officially released their new album, On Tomorrow, and it is available in the Max Recordings store.

For the release of On Tomorrow, Max has gone back to its vinyl roots, offering an LP and throwing in a free MP3 format of the album as well. The plain old CD will be available Feb. 6th for you stubborn people.

The Big Cats | Little Windows

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