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The Easys - As The Vampire

Little Rock natives The Easys released their new full length album, Blood Capsule, December 22nd on Max Recordings. Their sophomore follow up to 2003's The Secrets of Loveliness went on sale at an album release show that night and will probably be added to the Max Recordings Shop sometime soon. For the time being, if you can't get one locally or via internet, Max Recordings brings an mp3 that is highly recommended.

The Easys | As The Vampire

The Ponys - Double Vision

The Ponys signed to Matador Records earlier this year and plan to release their third album, Turn The Lights Out, since their formation in 2000. Expect multiple albums on Matador's label, who released this promotional mp3, Double Vision, for the forthcoming album, expected March 20, 2007.

The Ponys | Double Vision

Tonight - Pearls & Brass | Downtown Music

Pearls & Brass (Drag City) stop by Little Rock tonight in support of their 2006 release The Indian Tower. It got less than spectacular reviews, but I wouldn't rule this gig out of your plans, especially if you have a thing for the blues and Black Sabbath.
By combining math-rock complexity with raw power, songs like "Tower" and "Black Rock Man" hypnotize as they pulverize. - Entertainment Weekly (How could you not like that?)
12/9/06 Downtown Music & Records /with Rwake $6 8PM

Pearls & Brass | Highway Sermon

Dr. Dog @ George's Majestic Lounge | Updates

Dr. Dog will be making a side stop off of their current tour with The Black Keys to play Fayetteville, Arkansas's own Georges Majestic Lounge. Last time, or actually the first time, Arkansas saw Dr. Dog they played Dickson street at The Gypsy for a college radio back to school party. KXUA has invited them back and you can expect a hearty encore tomorrow, December 6th, at 8:00PM. No word on whether this one is free with a student ID, but $8 is clearly a bargain.

While you are at it you might as well pick up a copy of their latest EP, Takers and Leavers, which I have mentioned before. I have to say I enjoy my copy. The song below is from it.

Dr. Dog | California

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