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Zykos - Keep It Light

Zykos, an Austin, Tx band, are back in 2007 with new demos. The most prominent of these has to be the new version of "Keep It Light." Much fuller and more mastered than the original, "Keep It Light" could turn out to be a beacon for Zykos' album, whenever they decide to release it. Keep an eye out for Zykos in 2007. Post-Parlo, Myspace or the Official Website (Suspended) will probably have updates when they come out of creative hiatus.

Zykos | Keep It Light (2007 Demo)

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    The original version of "Keep it Light" was much better. This new one sucks like most of the band's work - sounds like pop punk. They should explore the area they covered in the original version of Keep it Light.  

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