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Mgmt (the management)

I found this band via: (DreamsofHorses). They have a really great sound that i like about them, and i am saying this from only two songs that i have heard. They seem to mix what all those other indie kids have done with a little i guess Postal Service electronic influence. Or at least thats how the two songs sound. I think i may order the ep, Time To Pretend, they have for $7 on their site, and maybe one of those cool t-shirts too (its such a cool design). Well Horses seemed a little at loss for words by just presenting the music,, so i guess ill do the same and hope you like them too.
They also have a myspace.

MGMT-Time To Pretend

Bohemian Wanksta

Q-Unit - Greatest Hits

This is most definitely the best mash-up i have heard in a while. The group calls themselves The Silence Xperiment. They really put some major time into the workings of this album. From the wonderfully exotic and hilarious album art to the songs they really hit the right mark. Each track has at least one part that i really like. Even if some of the tracks may not sinc up just perfect, as they were never meant to, the songs just get better and the lyrics will fit perfect with at least one part of Queen's music.

Check these out if you are a fan of either 50 or mash-up. Definitely worth it.

Q-Unit-If I Cant Be A Champion
This Is How We Bite The Dust
Under Pressure All The Time

White Rose Movement/Walking With A Ghost

Listening to: The Rakes - Capture/Release[UK]

Favorite Music/Artists of the Time:
The Rakes
Arctic Monkeys
The Cribs
Dios Malos
Tegan and Sara - Walking With a Ghost

Link: The White Stripes Cover Tegan And Sara's "Walking With a Ghost" Via:(My Old KY Home)

New Music: White Rose Movement - Alsation , Cruella , Girls At The Back
These Guys have been gathering some buzz. I have seen them on a few blogs, and decided to mention because i enjoyed the "Alsation" song. They have that nice rock sound that you have come to expect from the likes of current garage rock and have mixed in the rock-disco trend of the times with cool synth and electro.
White Rose Movement

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