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Mgmt (the management)

I found this band via: (DreamsofHorses). They have a really great sound that i like about them, and i am saying this from only two songs that i have heard. They seem to mix what all those other indie kids have done with a little i guess Postal Service electronic influence. Or at least thats how the two songs sound. I think i may order the ep, Time To Pretend, they have for $7 on their site, and maybe one of those cool t-shirts too (its such a cool design). Well Horses seemed a little at loss for words by just presenting the music,, so i guess ill do the same and hope you like them too.
They also have a myspace.

MGMT-Time To Pretend

3 Responses to “Mgmt”

  1. # Anonymous bagger

    The EP rocks solid all the way. Check out "Indie Rokker," esp. Worth the $7. These guys are the real shit.  

  2. # Blogger cbotwell

    Oh Yeah? You know them or just a fan? I still havent ordered it yet im trying not to spend to much till after x-mas.  

  3. # Anonymous bagger

    i've seen them play three times now and I'm a major fan. Every song on the EP is good to excellent. Most people like "Kids" best. It's like the MGMT anthem. but hey, it's your money. have a good holiday  

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