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Flaming Fire - "High Bell"

Flaming Fire are on Silly Bird Records and are releasing (released?) their new album When The High Bell Rings. Apparently you can buy it for $13, but it might be a pre-order, that could get you a deluxe copy if you are one of the first hundred.

Flaming Fire have been called freak-rock, and it seems to be a somewhat fitting description. I'm not sure if the trend will catch on like freak folk and other similar collectives did, but check this out and enjoy it. They also have some kind of illustrated bible project as well.

Flaming Fire - 10/20 Little Rock, Ar The Treehouse

Flaming Fire - High Bell
[another track here
, and stream here]

2 Responses to “Flaming Fire - "High Bell"”

  1. # Blogger Dr. Raym C. Hensley, OBGYN

    love the site! keep up the groovy work! ^_^  

  2. # Anonymous Casey

    wow. thanks for the track!  

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