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Phantom Planet | UofA Greek Theater

Phantom Planet played the University of Arkansas this past Thursday, and brought along a few new songs to test out. I didn't catch any names, but at least four they called new. I have never really caught on to any of the earlier Phantom Planet albums, but their latest self-titled album was one of my favorite high school albums -- I listened to it on my commute for nearly three consecutive weeks.

However, I was a little let down by the live translation of one of my favorite albums, mostly the way 'Big Brat' was played. 'Big Brat' has a great layered guitar effect and it just did not translate well live. Possibly it was where I was standing, but most of the other songs from Phantom Planet sounded more accurate.

It didn't ruin my time entirely, actually I enjoyed the show.

Phantom Planet - California

3 Responses to “Phantom Planet | UofA Greek Theater”

  1. # Anonymous bobby

    i don't think you're old enough to critique music. you were in high school when 'phantom planet' came out? i think you need a little more experience before you do this kind of stuff. i'm not sure you know music the way you think you do.  

  2. # Blogger cbotwell

    I'm not really sure what point you are trying to make other than putting me down, but I'm a college sophomore. I really don't think my objective here is quite as high standard as what you are talking about either. This blog here is merely my little place to talk about music that I am enjoying. I am not here to grade or review. I just am pointing out a few things that I found interesting, or I actually like. I agree with you though, I know very little about music structure or history, but that's not my goal here. Go waste your breath on someone who likes plain white t's or says their favorite music is everything.  

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