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I found Blogshares by searching for my name and the like on google, and yes I was googling myself. It is kind of fun because it gives you an idea of how much your blog is worth compared to others who has links to you and the like. I highly reccomend it to people that would like to track thier blog. It is basically the stockmarket of blogs. I just registered so that I could claim shares in my blog. Here is the link to my blog's page.(Link) The site may be a little slow, or at least I found it to be. But it is worth the wait. I don't know if any of they other sites in the blogosphere have seen this before, but I was entertained.

I would also like to thank Off The Record for the linkage, as I just found out through this site he had a link to me. Hopefully he can get his blog back on an upward curve, maybe this link will help.

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