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Fayetteville Blues

In honor of finals week on campuses nationwide, I decided to dive deep in to the obscurity of Arkansas musicians and found Max Recordings. They are located in the neighborhood that I grew up in and they have some darn good artists record with them, including Sugar and the Raw, The Big Cats, and Mulehead among others. Well I like the bands that they have so I listened to the streaming mp3s they had of their artists and I can across a tune that really sounded good. Well it was "Fayetteville Blues" by The Big Cats, and just so happened to go along with how I am feeling with all the pressure of finals and grades. I do have the Fayetteville Blues, although this song may be a little more upbeat. Go to the Max Recordings website to Purchase a 45 single of The Big Cats' "Fayetteville Blues" or the full album and check out the other artists there as well. I recommend Sugar and the Raw and picking up a shirt from Max Recordings. Support Local Music.

The Big Cats - Fayetteville Blues (follow link to download mp3)

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