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The Dead Science/ Xiu Xiu

The Dead Science

The Dead Science have a sound that i was slightly interested in at first, but something about it seemed not to hit the right mark with me. As I went to the live section i realized they would be playing a show here on campus at the UofA next week, so i took a second listen. I am beginning to enjoy the epic style of their songs. They remind me of a few acts that i am having trouble putting together, but i guess i would compare them to an indie rock version of NIN, or at least they remind me of the vocal style of With Teeth to some degree. They have wonderful swooping musical riffs, but manage to jump right back in with some killer vocal accompaniment. Well that was bad but just check them out.

The Dead Science with Xiu Xiu / December 9 / Fayetteville, Arkansas /The Dart Room(UofA campus)

The Dead Science-Drrty Magneto
The Dead Science-Ossuary
The Dead Science-Gamma Knife
The Dead Science-White Train

bonus: Xiu Xiu-Jennifer Lopez also go to the official site to listen to track off of the newest album La Foret

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