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Remixes of 2005

First I have to talk about remix albums. Beck Gameboy Variations was the first real remix that I liked this year. With the release of Guero came GameBoy Variations (Hell Yes Remix) - EP in February and also Guerolito just recently. The Gameboy variations in my opinion are much superior to the others.

Another Great remix album has to be Bloc Party's Silent Alarm Remixed. I enjoyed the original album very much and this just makes a great addition to Bloc Party's track listings. Although I don't really think releasing remixes as albums makes much sense this is what would make me actually buy one.

Mike Jones also had his album out this year and they put out the Screwed and Chopped version of it. Very fun stuff, but then again I like Mike Jones.(Insert "Who?" here)

Phones Remixes have been all over the blogs this year, and all of them are great tracks. They are the work of Paul Epworth and worth a listen.

Bloc Party - Banquet(Phones Disco Edit)

White Rose Movement - Alsation (Phones Gone To The Dogs Remix)

The Rakes - Retreat(Phones Repeat Remix)

The Futureheads -
Hounds of Love(Phones Wolves At The Door Remix)
These are just a few of my favorite tracks this year.
The Go Team!- Ladyflash(Hotchip Remix)

Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For(Mcsleazy Remix)

Bloc Party - Two More Years(MSTRKRFT Remix)

Spoon - I Turn My Camera On(JohnMcEntireRemix)

Lcd Soundsystem - Tribulations(Tiga Mix)

Bonus:Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y-Control(Faint Remix)(This is from 04 but I like it)

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  1. # Anonymous Butz

    Great selection and a great infusion for my iPod. My constant post punk dance party rages on apace with many thanks to you...  

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