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Rose Hill Drive Show From Back In November

Well I don't have much to say about this show as you can tell. I didn't post about it because its just so time consuming to upload photos and then write a whole review of the show so I wont. Ill just say a few quick things and then post some pictures that I put on facebook, who makes it very easy for me with unlimited space. Rose Hill Drive rocked the bar at Gorges Majestic Lounge, but most of the people were there for a friend's local band that opened, they sucked really, who was not much more than a cover band of once great rock songs. The bar however, started to warm up to the guys and really enjoyed their stuff and went crazy for the Zep covers. Sweat was dripping from guitars and spit was flying from mouths. Lets just say the guys played hard and rocked even harder than that. Check them out if you can, and if you live in Colorado, around New Years they are playing Led Zep I in its entirety.

Rose Hill Drive - Cool Cody

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