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We Are Scientists and Morningwood: Today

In celebration of the release of both Morningwood's and We Are Scientists' album releases today I figured a post was in order. There has been some hype over the release of both these cds on the blogs. The talk is that these two bands will be in somewhat of a battle for the indie/label crowds. MOKB predicts Morningwood as the label winner and WAS as the indie winner. He has some mp3s from both bands and also links to other blog commentary.

Well here is a WAS present. Before the singles, new album, and Wolf's Hour Ep WAS released other material including In Action, Safety,Fun, and Learning(In that Order), and Bitching!. I've always wanted to get ahold of these and now here they are. Brought to you by a WAS fanpage the first three releases.(Link)
Make sure to check out the rest of Nebulize My Mind also.

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    Hey thanks for mentioning Off The Record a couple of days ago. If you want go to my website...i've just done a new template...leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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