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Arkansas Artists Volume Two: Grand Serenade

Grand Serenade are one great indie/pop band from Little Rock, Ar. They seem kind of mysterious on first inspection as there is not much to be found about them online. One might even think that they do not exist anymore as the last release I've seen was in 2004, but these guys are still around, touring, and opening shows for really great bands including Of Montreal, Eagle*Seagull this Friday, and others.

..."If their live show is anywhere near as good as their CD (which I can't stop spinning), Grand Serenade might just steal the show. Heck, they might just steal your date. This aptly named group cleaves to the melodic and romantic end of the garage-rock spectrum. Giant, crashing chords and big beats give way to tight Kinks-style pop and epic Smiths-inspired ballads about aching teen-age love. Catch this band!"...Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer 2.27.04

I'd love to say more about this band, but with such limited information there is not much to say. You can hit them up on myspace or do your best to find more information. The Ep is not available anywhere that I know except local record stores, like Anthro-Pop, who would probably mail one to you. The band might be able to help you too. You can also see them play this Friday at Hendrix College in Conway, Ar at 9:00. They are opening for Eagle*Seagull and The Deathray Davies. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Grand Serenade - Crashing Cars [mp3]

Grand Serenade - Telescopes [mp3]

Grand Serenade - Bend Affection [mp3]

Grand Serenade - Color My World [mp3]

5 Responses to “Arkansas Artists Volume Two: Grand Serenade”

  1. # Anonymous Alex

    they're pretty damn good!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    They're from Heber Springs Arkansas, their first names were The Attics, then The Benders, before moving to Little Rock and becoming Grand Serenade. Justin used to be a cart wrangler at Walmart. The band (actually just Justin and Kyle, because Trevor couldn't remember the music) played Smashing Pumpkins covers in speech class one time.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    My mother works in Heber Springs, and she e-mailed me about this band about a week ago. I called her to ask if there was a local record store where she could pick up the CD for me, since I couldn't find one in Dallas, and she said "No, but I can ask his mom..."

    It's a pretty small town.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Tell me about it! My brother and Jordan's brother Jonathan (who is himself a fantastic musician) used to play the saxophone in band. Very very small town.

    Lots of Love guys! Niki  

  5. # Blogger JMGtII

    impressive one post a year for the last four years. i figure i'll make 2009 the year to remember.

    they are amazing. went to school with them. played a couple shows with a few of the members. all in all, i miss seeing their shows. since i moved to TN.

    PS never move to heber springs. its like a black hole. you'll never get out.  

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