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Apollo Sunshine Demos

I found these demo versions of Apollo Sunshine on spinART's site. They are unreleased songs except for You and I which is available on an Ep, The Other Side of the World, on Itunes, but titled "U &I". These are definitely worth a look, especially for Apollo Sunshine fans. If you have not listened to Apollo Sunshine before make sure to do so. The only thing is don't mistake them for a pop band like Ok Go. They may be similar in some ways, but if you take a listen to an album in whole you can see many other influences, many of those being in the excellent guitar work. Check them out live if you have a chance and maybe you can see an R. Kelly cover.

Apollo Sunshine - Strange Things (Demo) [mp3]
Apollo Sunshine - You And I (Demo) [mp3]
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  1. # Blogger Noah Elrod

    Where'd the demos go? I'm also looking for The Other Side of the World EP...any ideas?  

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