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Apollo Sunshine

Apollo Sunshine will be playing in Conway, Arkansas this Friday, 2-3-06, at a new venue called The Agora [Link]. They are actually a conference center, but will be holding concerts every friday according to their website. Another interesting band to note is that Eagle*Seagull will also be playing a gig there on the 17th. I will probably post on this later. Apollo Sunshine however are a great band who I am mexcited to see. They had some press on the blogs some time ago when they released their S/T 2005 album. They also have been touring with a much more know band called Ok Go. Sadly my leg of the tour is notm with them, but includes local act Tel Aviv that I posted on less than a week ago here.

Apollo Sunshine - Magnolia
Apollo Sunshine - Today Is The Day
Apollo Sunshine - Eyes
Apollo Sunshine - Flip!
Apollo Sunshine - I Was On the Moon
Apollo Sunshine - Mayday Disorder

2/09 Boston, MA @ The Paradise
2/11 NYC, NY @ Mercury Lounge
2/24 Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse
2/25 Worcester, MA @ Ralph's Diner

The Raconteurs Tracks are still Here.

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