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Week of The Living Dead

Thursday, February 9th - Lucero Conway, Ar
Friday, February 10th - Lucero Batesville, Ar (Limited Availiability)
Son Volt Fayetteville, Ar

Wednesday, February 8 - Beastie Boys on Letterman
The Fray on Leno
Sigur Ros on Conan
Thursday, February 9th - Damian Marley on Jimmy Kimmel
Saturday February llth - Death Cab For Cutie and My Morning Jacket on ACL

Check out Live Plasma a good site to find bands with the best layout I have ever seen. [Link]

Pandora is a similar program that I recomend as well. [Link]

Dell gives up on the Jukebox Mp3 player. [Link]

I just signed up for emusic and I like it, but will probably quit after my 50 songs. [Link]

Vitalic announces new dates. [Link] Vitalic - My Friend Dario [mp3]

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