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Instead of doing a full fleged review of the Lucero show I saw on 1-26-06, I have decided on just promoting this band for what it is worth. I didn't take pictures at the show, because I was feeling a little sickly and it would have been a hassle. I kind of regret that now as that was probably one of my favorite concerts. Hopefully I will be able to catch another concert by these guys sometime soon.
Lucero - Watch it burn [mp3]

"Every Year,Thousands of bands cross the country in hopes of making it. Most fail, but a few succeed.
Lucero is one of those bands that has a huge cult following, but is lacking a real hit in a larger crowd. They released last year an album titled Nobody's Darlings. I really love this album. I am of course a southerner and this album is truly a tribute to all that goes on down here. The band has evolved from a country act to a full fleged rock band. I would recommend it for fans of southern rock in general and a specific, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The band is mostly called a Memphis band, but they have their roots in Arkansas. The lead singer, Ben Nichols, even has a tattoo of Arkansas on his right arm. He has also been a part of many Arkansas bands and still tours here with Lucero.
Lucero - Bikeriders [mp3]

"Sixty songs about girls & two about my grandfather.
The show was very crowded because of the large fanbase they have here in Arkansas, and the location with regard to campus. The guys were kind of surprised they had drawn such a huge crowd on a Thursday with another band playing down the street as well. So if you attend a show in local areas make sure to show up enough ahead of time.
Lucero - All The Same To Me [mp3]

"Despite their new record deal, Lucero still tours 200 days a year just to get by.
To finish this up I need to suggest if you have any interest in this band to pick up a copy of Dreaming in America. This is a great DVD chronicles the events leading up to the release of the newest album and the hardships of touring, plus you get a wicked cool live CD as a bonus, but make sure to get the CD+DVD version.[Lucero Merchandise]
Tour dates:
02/09/06 - Conway, AR
02/10/06 - Batesville, AR
02/11/06 - Oxford, MS
03/11/06 - Orlando, FL
03/12/06 - St. Petersburg, FL
03/13/06 - Talahassee, FL
03/14/06 - Baton Rouge, LA
03/30/06 - Knoxville, TN
03/31/06 - Nashville, TN
04/01/06 - Memphis, TN

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