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Margot and the Nuclear So & So's

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's were amazing. I saw them Friday at a new Arkansas venue called the Agora. I am very sad to say they are not doing very well. They have an aproximate capacity of 2,000 and could barely find 30 people to attend an event including Apollo Sunshine, Margot, and a local act Tel Aviv. Hopefully this will change as the promoters find a better way to market in a town of multiple colleges. Maybe I can get some people there from Fayetteville with the posters they gave me.

Unfazed by the lack of attendance MATNS&S's put on one amazing show. Making an 8 piece band fit on a stage is usually a horrible problem, and rightfully so with all the instruments they use, but with a large stage these guys were able to spread out and play with excessive energy and make the show worthwhile. This is one ban dthat does not play around although you may think the recordings sound calm they make their concerts into an exciting ordeal playing each others instruments and banging them on the ground. Do yourself a favor and check them out while they are on tour and pick up their album The Dust of Retreat when it is released 3-28-06.
"Now there's 8 of you ... Any room for more? ... Yeah, no fatties.
MATNS&S's - Vampires in Blue Dresses [mp3] Thanks GVB!
MATNS&S's - Quiet As A Mouse [mp3]
MATNS&S's - Live On WOXY [mp3]
Other tracks and live here. [link] slow!
Listen to some other songs on myspace. [link]
They are playing SXSW so see them there if you go or catch them on their preceding tour. [link]
Culture Bully Reviews the album here. [link]

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