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So I have like sort of a crush on Goldfrapp. I can't get enough of their music. The newest album, Supernature, is not released here in the states, but you can pick up an EP called Number One which features songs like Number One, Beautiful, All Night Operrator (Part 1), and some remixes. Luckily I found this Phones remix of Ooh La La as well as the DFA remix of Slide In. Enjoy them and cherish them.
Buy Supernature[Import] here.
Buy No. 1 EP here.
Buy a double cd of the newest single Ride A White Horse here.(Includes DFA Mix)

Goldfrapp - Number One [mp3]
Goldfrapp - Ooh La La Phones Re-Edit [mp3]
Goldfrapp - Slide In (DFA Mix) [mp3]
Goldfrapp - Number One Mum Remix [mp3]

Pitchfork Reviews Goldfrapp - Slide In (DFA Mix)

"Slide In" the album track kills IMO, all hard cuts and neon synths, proper equipment to bolster A. Goldfrapp's swoon-song. Gritty DFA disco might work too; must be nice for those guys to remix someone who can actually sing for once. No build, DFA bust it all out from the start, disco inferno bassline, tom fills on the sly, a cheeky cowbell "melody" whose staccato pokes fun at the chorus's vox-chasing candy-colored violins. They're clearly excited. After a breakdown they get back on quick, then...a seven-minute instrumental outro, with not nearly enough of a climax to justify itself--a bad look for producers who earned rep on good pacing. It'll work floors fine, but unlike with "Yeah" or "Losing/Beat" or even the "Dare" remix, there's not much to recommend past minute four. [John Supilcki]

Bonus: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Diplo Optimo Remix) [mp3]

4 Responses to “Goldfrapp”

  1. # Blogger welshwitch36

    I went to see Goldfrapp in concert last week...awesome, agree with your comments. Shame you can't get the new album yet, it's fab :-)  

  2. # Blogger cbotwell

    Well I wouldn't say i don't have it ill say its not for sale here.*wink*wink*  

  3. # Blogger ppstr54

    thanks for both remixe  

  4. # Blogger Mighty Miss. Aurora

    i love their new song you are right she is awesome!!!!  

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