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Latest Brains

I've renamed my mix posts from In Ipod to Latest Brains. I think it fits the site better and is just over all much more hip. I also today finally figured out how to host music on my school account so enjoy the non savefile links from now on, but they may be uploaded for shorter periods of time so act quick.

First is the b-side to gold lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, followed by a remix of Maximo Park's Stay by fellow friends Field Music. Wilderness has a new song on the blogs and it is titles Emergency. Ambulance Ltd has an Ep coming soon titled New English and Voxtrot has a new EP as well titled Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives. Babyshambles release their newest in the states on lovely valentines day. The mix is ended with a few favorites including They Shoot Horses, Film School, and the largely popular Knife.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Let Me Know [mp3]
Maximo Park -
Stay (Field Music Remix) [mp3]
Wilderness -
Emergency [mp3]
Ambulance Ltd - New English [mp3]
Voxtrot -
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives [mp3]
Babyshambles -
Fuck Forever [mp3]
They Shoot Horses Don't They -
Hiccup [mp3]
They Shoot Horses Don't They -
Lowlife [mp3]
Film School -
On and On [mp3]
The Knife -
Heartbeats OneMusic Session [mp3]

DJBC has a new Beastles Album up, but I believe his popularity has caused the site to go down. Luckily Boing Boing I s also hosting the tracks. [Link] Edit: Bad?Let me know if you find it elsewhere or wait till the sites are back up.

Moroccan Role has a lot of Knife tracks! [Link]

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  1. # Blogger 'Thought & Humor'

    Seen in a cafeteria :

    Shoes are required to eat
    in the cafeteria. Socks can
    eat any place they want.

    A shrimp sole my girl; I lobster
    and haven't flounder!

    A note left for a pianist from
    his wife: Gone Chopin, have
    Liszt, Bach in a Minuet.


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