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Arkansas Artists Shorties: 607

607 (AKA Adrian Tillman) is Little Rock born and raised. Easily the A-state's most prolific rapper and arguably its most talented, he's released more than 20 CDs of original material since 1997, first, as a member of the Traumah Team (607, Mr. Morbid, Random Black Dude, and Bizarro), and more recently, as a solo artist. As a co-founder of the hip-hop collective “Under the Ground,” which hosts regular shows at Vino's and a podcast, he's is often mistakenly pegged as a backpacker or alt-rapper, but a quick survey of local rap releases of all stripes finds 607 to be damn near ubiquitous. Any given night you venture out, whether you're heading to NU or Bada Bing or Whitewater, you've got at least a 40% chance of seeing our man meeting and greeting. He'll be the dude with the silver briefcase, which is currently filled with his latest album, Devil's Violin. - TJ Deeter (Localist Magazine) Read the interview here.

607 puts out a new album every 3 months. His newest is Devil's Violin.

Check him out tonight at Art Amiss 4 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. @ Dickson Theater 7pm : $5

Be friends with him on myspace and check out a few tracks.
From Devil's Violin
607 - Off The Hook Ignit [mp3]
607 - Man [mp3]
607 - Death Is All [mp3]
607 - Devil's Violin [mp3]
607 - All Points Between [mp3]
Traumah Team - Sidewayz [mp3]
Traumah Team - I Am [mp3]

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