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Man Man + Andy Zipf (SXSW Showcase) @ Gallery Sounds/Randy Bacon Gallery 3-12-04

Man Man played last night in Springfield, Mo. This is the first time that I have ever seen them play, and to tell the truth I wasn't a fan until this last album. Six Demon Bag, however, is one of my favorite albums right now, and the show was everything that I could have expected and more. If you are a fan of the album, imagine, if you can, the intensity and strangeness that is a Man Man song and multiply that by al least five times and you have a Man Man performance. To top the intense, loud, and crazy performance add in the outfits that these guys put on. At this gig, I'm not certain about others they wore all white clothes, some accenting it with headbands, not to mention they all have facial hair. I also have you mention how much I liked the venue. Make sure to catch some more shows at the Randy Bacon Gallery if you are near Springfield.

If you like noise in your music, but feel you are missing something by the performers not expressing themselves, you will love the voices Man Man does. Take a listen to a couple songs and then pick up the full album you will not be disappointed.

Man Man - Feathers [mp3]
Man Man -
Van Helsing Boombox [mp3]
Man Man - Engwish Bwudd [mp3]

Andy Zipf played a nice little acoustic set for us as well. He played some old stuff as well as some new songs for his coming album. Help him out by contribution got the Andy Zipf Album Fund.

Andy Zipf - Last To Know

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