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Grand Serenade
Back on the 10th Grand Serenade and Sugar and the Raw played a great little set at the downtown Little Rock Public Theater. Needless to say I drove home for this little dandy of a concert. Grand Serenade and Sugar and the Raw, Zombies favorites, usually draw larger crowds, but for some reason this little publicized show was populated by only around 30 people. It was a great little show that the bands set up. What makes a concert better, usually beer, but this was a BYOB. That didn't inhibit this little gig as everybody brought their own goodies.

Sugar and the Raw played first giving a great collection of songs, and definitely playing a great show. Grand Serenade followed them with a great run through their discography. Sadly they didn't play many of my favorite oldies.

Sugar and the Raw - Spilled Milk [mp3]
Grand Serenade - Crashing Cars [mp3]
On another not Grand Serenade recently made their entire discog. avaliable on last.fm.
American Princes of Little Rock played SXSW this last week.
American Princes - Stolen Blues [mp3]

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