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Lucero 4-6-06 @ The Foundry (Joplin, Mo)

So me and a couple of buddies took a road trip up to Joplin, Mo to see local favorites Lucero. They probably played one o f the best concerts I have ever been to in my entire life early this year at Dickson Street Theater in Fayetteville. It was actually the biggest show ever until a show at a University passed it up just a week later. This concert, however, was not of the quality of Lucero in Arkansas. Add together a small crowd and a bad venue and the show is bound to end mediocre.

The problem however was when we got there we found out that it was a Christian owned venue. So that of course meant no alcohol. We actually got in trouble for that out in the parking lot after the show by some guy with a flashlite, but Ben was with us so its not like they are going to mess with the lead singer of the band.

He was real cool about taking requests and then talking to us afterwards. He let us know they were playing a show in Fayetteville at the end of their current tour and told us to be there. We of course will be.

Check them out here in Arkansas either the 27th at The Sound Stage of Conway or the 28th at Dickson Theater of Fayetteville. I'll finally take some real pictures of these guys for you next time. Hope you like that cameraphone pic up top.
"Despite their new record deal, Lucero still tours 200 days a year just to get by.
Lucero - Sixteen [mp3]

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