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Pitchfork Trashes Naked Babes

Naked Babes newly formed collaboration of ex-Test Icicle Devonte Hynes and Tom Vek played their first gig last week, and according to their myspace practiced 1 and a half times this month. Pitchfork probably feels that this was not enough, as they trashed their track "Fuckin' Dumbbell Party".

"Funny how quickly tongue-in-cheek inverts itself when devoid of cleverness or a hook." "What could've been a cool linkup-- bedroom dance-punk meets synth-streaked terror-punk-- comes off as a whiskey-fueled circle jerk of dudes so overwhelmed by ideas they stopped thinking altogether."

Put this down in your book as a half star track unless you haven't had enough Test-Icicles yet. But in that case you might as well pick up their new 2-disc EP Bring Out Your Dead when it is released later this month. It's cool that these guys got together to play a little. However, there is no magic here, just a little fun. It's not all bad though check these out if you like that kind of thing and get more tracks at their myspace.

Naked Babes - Fuckin' Dumbbell Party [mp3]

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