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Lucero Album Work Beginning Soon | Attic Tapes Re-Issue

Lucero, tonight at the last show of their current tour, confirmed that during a break a new album would be in the works. Lets all get real excited and hope to hear some new material soon.
Lucero - Sixteen [mp3]

My friend finally got his wish and they played Starlight Diner like Ben promised he would when we talked to him in Joplin. It was well worth the wait. Its been along time since I've been by the Starlight over in N. Little Rock. Make sure to see these guys once in your lifetime, it's quite a memorable experience.
Credit Below: Adam Smith Photography

Pick up the new Attic Tapes re-issue if you can't wait for a new album. It collects the original album and adds 5 bonus tracks to the mix, some rare 7" tracks and others early demos. You can also get it in vinyl for all you format junkies.

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  1. # Blogger EJ

    Thanks for the post. Last time I talked to the boys, I was told that producing duties on the new album will be helmed by David Lowery of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven fame.

    I'll link you on my new blog in the morning.  

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