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New Pink Mountaintops | Parts & Labor

JAGJAGUWAR has released some mp3s of releases coming in the near future to their label. Those included Pink Mountaintops, Parts & Labor, and Wilderness, whose track I'm sure you've heard by now. Pink Mountaintops, if you didn't know, features Stephen McBean from Black Mountains. More information including tracklists, mp3s, and history available on the Jagjaguwar site. P&L have two Arkansas dates coming up and one is with Wilderness. I'm so excited. Pink Mountaintops also have a show in Oklahoma that I might make.

Pink Mountaintops' Axis of Evol will be released on 3/07/06.

Pink Mountaintops - New Drug Queens [mp3]

Parts & Labor's Stay Afraid will be released on 4/11/06.

Parts & Labor - A Great Divide [mp3]

Wilderness - Emergency [mp3]

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