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Link Update

The Poster List [Link]
A site full of the best and the cheapest posters for all you indie kids with bare walls.

I Guess I'm Floating has a tribute to Thomas Edison that I found very clever.[Link]
He also has Final Fantasy tracks from Live at Over The Top 2006. [Link]

Itunes now has Comedy Central shows for ipod video.[Link]

The Arctic Monkeys don't know what David Bowie looks like and ask him to move. [Link]

Also check out GVB's Best of January post. [Link]

Bonus MP3 Links: Love Is All - Used Goods .:. The Knife - Still Light
Thanks YANP for The Prix - All In The Way You Trip

Regnyouth has the Wolfmother - S/t album for download. [Link] (always a recommendation)

Update: I found this foreign site with a link to me. Thanks for the linkage buddy.[Link]*

MOKB has the newish Gorillaz Ep only tracks Bill Murray and Spittin Out the Demons.[Link]

3 Responses to “Link Update”

  1. # Blogger Blisspop

    Hi there,

    Thanks for checking out the BLISS hit parade! I'd appreciate it if you would please refrain from direct linking to files.


    Will (blisspop.com)  

  2. # Blogger cbotwell

    Sorry this blog was relatively small and i didnt think it posed a threat, but have been getting some extra traffic lately. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    -Zombies Ate My Blog  

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